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Message from Headteacher

Fri 13 Oct 2017


On Wednesday, more than 200 children in Years 3-6 really enjoyed an amazing experience as they watched the Primary Proms, at the Royal Albert Hall, along more than 5000 children from  across the country. The music was amazing, and the atmosphere electric, and what made the whole experience even more special for us at Millfields was the fact that one of our ex-pupils, Pearl Bador, was playing steel pans on the stage! Thank you to all the staff who went on the trip and continue to ensure that we always give the children an enriching experience, to remember, beyond the school curriculum!

Also this week, many of our Year 5 pupils have been taking part in a ‘Bikebaility’ training course. This is open to all year 5 pupils across the year, and makes sure that we are making our pupils aware of road safety and how to ride safely on the roads, but also teaches them about sustainable travel! Thanks Matthew for organising this with London borough of Hackney. Today our winning cycling team will begin the defence of their Cycling League title. Riders from years 4-6 will take part in the first event –Springfield hill climb. Good luck everyone!

Today we welcomed lots of parents to the school as it was Portsmouth Sharing Assembly which was a fantastic display of all the work the children  have been doing so far this term, especially researching the Egyptians! Also as part of our work over the year on Maths, parents from Birmingham and York classes joined their children in class today to see what their children are learning and to find out the mathematical strategies that we use in school that will also help their children with maths learning at home. Thank you to all the parents who attended, we hope you found if useful!

As part of Local democracy week, the Prime Minister and Deputy PM, as well as some of the School Councillors and the cabinet visited the Hackney Town Hall to find out about the building and all the work that goes on in local government. Thank you to Councillor Rathbone who spoke to pupils from 5 Hackney schools, and who also visited Millfields on Wednesday to talk to pupils about his role as a Councillor in the local community. I also visited another school this week, who have used our school materials on democracy, and replicated our good practice, to hold their own week of activities, and held elections to vote in a Prime Minister like Millfields, so we are looking forward to meeting up with the new PM and their cabinet at West Green School very soon.

Finally, it is Diversity Week, next week, with lost of trips and activities planned for the children. We are also hoping to see lots of you at diversity evening on Thursday, and this year, we are asking you to bring some food to share! There will be singing, steel pans, and lots of the children’s work about influential black people, on display. Thanks in advance for your support –tickets on sale from the main office.

Finally, have a good weekend, and enjoy the warm weather that is forecast! Best Wishes, Jane



Message from Headteacher

Fri 06 Oct 2017


It has been another busy week at Millfields! On Thursday, Year 6 enjoyed an amazing presentation and series of workshops on the Mayans as part of their topic work this term. The children really learnt lots and are keen to reflect this in their books in class.

On Tuesday, the Article 12 Group (School Council), the school Prime Minister, Solly Rigg, Deputy Prime Minister, Suki Fitzwilliam and the class Learning Champions from each KS2 class visited the Houses of Parliament. The children report that they learnt lots, were fascinated by the tour and visit to the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and also had the opportunity to share lots of their ideas and thoughts by taking part in a range of debates including their opinion on a second referendum on Brexit! Look out for a report on the visit from our PM next week!

In Sport this week, the orienteering team again, did an amazing job in the third of 5 events in the cross-borough competition. We are still top of the league as a team, and the top 5 individual leaders are also Millfields pupils! Well done and let’s keep it up and win this league!
Also this week we had our first venture in to badminton competition! Well done to our Year 3 and 4 team who, as beginners did an amazing job and came 4th out of 10 teams at the Olympic Park venue! Well done to all the children, and thank you to Musa for supporting and encouraging the team to do so well!

As part of our commitment to road safety, Year 2 pupils have also been involved in scooter training sessions this week. The children had great fun and learnt lots about road safety awareness, so hopefully they will put this in to practice when out and about scooting!

Wednesday was ‘No Pens Day’ which is a national initiative from The Communication Trust, that encourages schools to put down their pens and to run a day of speaking and listening activities. All classes were involved in a range of learning sessions that didn’t involve using a pen or pencil! And the Pen Police roamed the school all day giving out red cards to pupils and staff breaking the no lens rule, and confiscating all writing equipment!  This is always a really fun day, and the children enjoy this one day to have the opportunity to think of learning in different ways!

As part of this day, the whole school community were involved in the latest ‘Save our Schools’ campaign against school funding cuts - ‘Arms around our schools’! A great effort from every child and staff member and a few parents who were involved in raising awareness of the ongoing campaign!

Thank you to all the Year 1 parents who came along to ‘ Come dine With Us’ on Tuesday to enjoy lunch with their child. This is still a very popular event, so please give us your feedback! And thank you to all the parents in Reception who came to our Early Reading workshop yesterday to find out how your children learn in school and how to support them at home, and thank you for your feedback. And today parents and carers from Y1 Manchester’s Class and Y3 Oxford Class came in to class to learn about Maths strategies and work with their child during a Maths lesson. We hope you found this useful and again would welcome your feedback.

Finally, I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 29 Sep 2017


We, the children and staff, have really enjoyed Maths week and hope that you have too! The aims of the week were to develop children’s basic mathematical skills based around arithmetic and number sense, to demonstrate how arithmetic knowledge and understanding can be linked across the curriculum to develop children’s problem solving skills and most of all for the children and staff to enjoy Mathematics! Thank you to all the parents who came to the Maths workshops to find out a bit more about how we teach Maths, the methods used and what the expectations for each year group are! Look out for ‘Magic 10’ homework in the next few weeks!

In class the children have been looking at how numbers connect and each class was asked to produce a number line which will be used for future work on multiples and factors. Yesterday the children enjoyed a magic show around numbers and this inspired lots of you to get thinking about the maths home learning challenge this week which was to produce a Maths magic trick! Some of the magicians in Oxford Class had me baffled this morning! As the theme of the week was the magic of maths, today lots of you dressed up as Maths Magicians and mythical maths characters to help celebrate the end of this fantastic week!  Some great costumes –well done to you all! Also a reminder that if you are in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, that your child should have a Maths Whizz account that they can access from home and school. This website helps assess where your child is in their Maths learning and then produces problems around your child’s gaps in understanding. There will be a parent workshop on this coming soon and your child can also access this through our free Maths Whizz after-school sessions that are run by Chris. Book a place with Ifeoma!

Also today, it was the Macmillan Coffee morning.  We welcomed lots of new parents from reception and Nursery classes, shared cakes and raised lots of cash for this charity that is close to so many of our families and friends in the community –thank you for your generosity. We hope you enjoyed meeting new parents and friends, and we also hope that this is something that we can make a more regular event as part of a suggested Parents’ Forum that will follow Sharing Assemblies. More information coming soon.

We also had the school photographer visiting this week so we hope to have the proofs with you very soon. If any families missed sibling photographs, there will be an opportunity to have this done when the class photographs are taken in the Spring term; just let Crystal in the office know.

A reminder of some of the other weeks and events that we have coming up before half term: Next week, Tuesday 3rd October is ‘Come Dine With Us’ for Year 1 parents and carers. This is an opportunity for parents to eat with their child and to taste some of the delicious food on offer for lunch every day! Please sign up at the main office. There are details of more dates for other year groups inside this week’s Mag. Also next week it is ‘No Pens Day’ on Wednesday 4th October. This is a day to enhance and promote communication and language so the children and staff will not be using pens or pencils all day! The KS2 School Council and Cabinet members will be visiting Parliament next week as part of their work on democracy and pupil voice. They will also be taking part in a workshop and a short film.

Finally, Chris will be running support sessions for parents of pupils in Year 6 who need help and guidance completing the secondary school applications online Chris is available at the following times: Monday 1st October 2.30pm-3.30pm and Tuesday 3rd October from 9.30am –11.45am. Please sign up in the main office. The deadline for applications is Friday 20th October.

Thank you for your support so far around the new arrangements for KS1 classes in the morning –if you have a view that you would like to share, please see me in the playground or better still, please email info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk. We will also be asking for your views and thoughts on homework in the coming weeks.

I hope the rain stays away and you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane



Message from Headteacher

Fri 22 Sep 2017


Another busy week of learning and enrichment at Millfields! Year 4 were amazed at some of the interesting and unusual facts that they learnt at the interactive Egyptian workshops on Wednesday. The children really enjoyed dressing up and looking at artefacts. Year 1 had a great time finding out about dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Dome that visited school this week. They found out lots of facts and learnt the names of dinosaurs as well as looking at clues about how dinosaurs lived. Year 2 took off in to space inside the Space Dome that was also in school this week. The children were very excited and enjoyed learning lots of facts about space and the night sky! Also this week, the children from our Autistic Resource Provision visited the London Transport Museum as part of their work on moving things and transport.  The children told me that they had great fun going on the different vehicles and are doing lots of work based on what they saw on their trip. Please ask your children about their learning experiences in school.

On Monday, 120 Year 5 and 6 children visited the Royal Opera House to see the ‘The Magic Flute’. One of our own students, Ilya Greatrex was part of the performance and Millfields children and staff all said that they were very excited and proud that Ilya was part of the performance and they also said he was brilliant! Well done Ilya!

In assembles this week we have been learning about Harvest, it’s significance and the Harvest traditions at this time of the year. We are collecting food donations for the Hackney Food Bank so please bring your donations to the main reception –we are collecting until next Wednesday.

Well done to our Year 5 and 6 Orienteering Team – Hugh, Milton, Kaspar, Solomon, Suki, Aoife, Frey, Exauce, Louis, Joseph, Aa’sim and Hamza. The whole team scored really well and after one out of eight events taking place amongst Hackney schools over the next academic year, we hold the top 7 spots, with Louis and Hugh in joint place at the top of the table with 100 points each! Congratulations and keep it up!

I am sure that you will know by now, that ‘Beat the Street’ was launched on Wednesday! Congratulations to the winners of our in-school poster competition –Chieyiem, Isobel, Molly, Liam White, Evy, Indie and Janiayah who took part in the official launch at the Orbit in QEOP. Well done and thank you to all the children who designed posters and entered the competition. The standard was very high with some very imaginative designs and ideas! If you have not yet registered, please do it as soon as you can and get involved with the individual and school challenge!

The newly elected Junior Road Safety officers, Viggo and Leila, went to the Hackney Museum yesterday to learn more about their role for the coming year and how to encourage and support our school community in crossing the road safely. As part of our drive to ensure that the children are able to cross the road safely and that all our parents and carers keep the children safe at the start and end of the school day, there is a consultation drop-in session at the school on Thursday 28th September at 3.45pm. It will outline plans to temporarily close roads around the school entrance. Please try to drop in if you can!

Next week is ‘Maths Week’ at Millfields. The children will all be working on individual and class projects about the magic of numbers! There are workshops planned for parents and carers in each age-phase, -please see dates inside mag and sign up at the main office. To round off the week of celebration of Maths, Friday 29th September is non-uniform day when we are asking children to dress up as Maths Magicians! There is also a Maths raffle where you can win Maths Books, Maths dictionaries, pencil sets and Maths games. It is 50p a ticket all next week –the winning tickets will be drawn on Friday afternoon!

Finally, please ensure that you let the main office know if you change your phone number and also make sure that you have a second number that we can call. Also, from after half term, the Mag is going to be sent via email only, so please ensure that you have given the office a current and working email address.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 15 Sep 2017


Today is National TA Day! So today we have been celebrating and thanking all our support staff – teaching assistants, Learning Mentors, PE coaches, LSAs, After-school staff, office and admin staff, premises and cleaning staff and kitchen staff for all their dedication and hard work every day! We had a special breakfast and staff were awarded a special sticker!

Most of our classes have been on a WOW trip this week to support learning about topic for this term. Reception classes visited the Homerton Fire Station as part of their topic on ‘People who help us’ and they really enjoyed going in the fire engine truck and using the hose to spray water – it was very heavy apparently! On Monday, Year 1 classes visited London Zoo as part of their science work on living things. The sun was shining and the children practically had the zoo to themselves! A huge thank you to Daniel Latham’s Mum’s friend who works at London Zoo and arranged for some of the children in Liverpool class to feed the giraffes. It was an awesome experience for the children and adults! Year 2 visited the Science Museum to look at the space exhibits as part of their work in class on space and Neil Armstrong. They really enjoyed the interactive experience in the 4D cinema! Year 3 and Year 4 both visited the British Museum, to look at the Egyptian exhibits in Year 4 as their topic is Ancient Egypt, and Year 3 looked at the African galleries as part of their topic on ‘Africa Uncovered’. Finally, Year 5 visited Sutton Hoo in Suffolk yesterday as part of their topic on Vikings. Although it was a long journey to get there, the information and experience was brilliant and really made the topic come alive for the children.

Yesterday was ‘E-safety Day’ at Millfields and all of the classes were asked to talk about the importance of staying safe online. Years 3-6 also had a visit from our Community Police Officer who talked about the dangers of the internet, social media and social networking. You should have received a leaflet to help at home with staying safe online and there is also a section on the school website with links to parental and pupil support for safer internet use.

As usual we have been very busy at Millfields. Year 5 classes have also celebrated Roald Dahl Day by taking part in a live national drawing activity with Quentin Blake to celebrate the fantastic books we all love to read! Dundee class have also been taking part in the school fitness week with Joe Wicks – the children have loved the exercise which has helped them get ready for learning.

Also this week we are getting the children ready for the return of ‘Beat the Street’! For those who don’t know, Beat the Street is a fun, free real-life walking and cycling challenge delivered on behalf of the National Charity Partnership - a partnership between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and Tesco. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring the whole school community together and get the children, staff and families excited about keeping fit! Plus there are lots of prizes to be won for you and the school! How does it work? Beat Boxes’ will be positioned throughout East London, including one outside our school. Players receive a card or fob which they tap on the Beat Boxes as they walk, cycle or scoot around town, earning points for themselves and their team –Millfields! Look out for packs coming your way very soon!

You should also have seen a flyer this week advertising a pilot scheme -’Safer Streets’ that will ensure that the junctions around our school are a safe place to cross at the beginning and end of every day. We need your support through the consultation that opens next week –Wednesday 20th September until 20th October There is a drop-in meeting on Thursday 28th September from 3.45pm –6.00pm, that will give you more information, so hope to see lots of you there.

Finally, we are extremely happy to announce that we were invited to share our good practice around inclusion, diversity and pupil voice and are featured in this year’s Parliamentary Review - a guide to cross-sector best practice. There are a few copies at the main office or see www.parliamentaryreview.co.uk

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 08 Sep 2017


Welcome back to everyone at the Millfields -pupils, children and staff. A special welcome to all our new reception class children and parents/carers and other new starters throughout the school. I hope you have had a good summer break, and enjoyed time with friends and family.

Welcome also to all our new staff; Lilly –SENCo, Fintan, Kamilah, Kimberlie, Rosie and Alex—teachers, Donna –Main receptionist, Micpia –Catering Assistant, Keder –Y3 trainee teacher, and Support Staff –Christina. I am also pleased to let you know that Deputy Head Kate had a baby boy and Lucia, Y1 teacher also had a baby boy in August. Congratulations to both families.

All the children seem happy and settled in their new classes with their new teachers and they have quickly learnt new routines.  They all seem to be enjoying working in new classrooms, and enjoying the first week’s learning.

I am delighted to say that in July, after a very intense day’s visit, the school was re-accredited with Unicef Level 2 ‘Rights Respecting School’ status. As a result, we have started the school year by celebrating this achievement and each class have been discussing the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the class have agreed and signed their new Class Charter. This year the whole school will be focussing on 5 articles from the UNCRC. They are as follows: Article 12: respect for the views of the child, Article 14: freedom of thought, belief and religion, Article 17: access to information from the media, Article 24: health and health services, Article 31: leisure, play and culture.

Each class has also been revisiting behaviour for learning expectations –supporting and actively listening to each other, discussing and explaining ideas and taking responsibility for their own learning. As always, the children are learning about the city that their class is named after and doing some work on the city’s twin city.  All of the homework that has been completed over the summer that I have seen is amazing. There are some fantastic models, great booklets, posters and artefacts –well done everyone! The home learning will be displayed in the class and around the school for everyone to see!

As part of a whole school competition, the children have been learning lots of facts, figures and trivia about their class city which will be transformed in to a very informative and decorative classroom door! The children have also taken part in an class activity to launch their new topic and WOW trips to enthuse and encourage learning around new topics will be taking place next week. If you have not yet returned the ‘cover all’ trips and outings letter, please do so ASAP along with £10 contribution. There are additional copies of all letters available at the main office.

The Year Group welcome meetings are taking place next week –you should have received a flyer telling you which day your class meeting takes place, and the information is also on the website.  These sessions are an opportunity for you to meet your child’s new teacher and find out what they will be learning in school and what a day in the life of a child in that year group looks like. There will also be some handy tips about how you can support your child at home.

Thank you to all of you - parents and carers for making such a great effort with school uniform. All of the children are looking rested and refreshed and extremely smart in their new uniforms. A reminder that children should be wearing black or navy sensible shoes and please, no tops with hoods.

Please remember to look for information on the school noticeboards, on the digital screen in the playground, on the school website, via text or email, as well as on the Millfields Mag. If you have not let the office know your email address or you have recently changed your mobile phone number please let them know asap. There will be an information update form coming home with each child in the next week to ensure that we have all the correct information.

Finally, it is really important that children get in to class on time and begin their daily routine. From Monday 11th, all classes Y1 –Y6 will be able to come in to school from 8.45am –a soft start. Please note that if you arrive after 9am, you will be marked late.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Welcome Back!

Sun 03 Sep 2017


Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a good holiday and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

At the beginning of each academic year, there is a Year Group meeting for parents and carers who have children in Years 1-6. This is an opportunity to meet the teachers in each year group and to find out about what your children will be learning this year, as well as some of the class and school routines and expectations. The teachers will also let you know how and when it is best to contact them. There will be time for questions too!

All meetings will take place in the bottom hall. The meeting times are below:

Class Welcome Meetings 2017

Monday 11th September at 3pm -Year 6

Tuesday 12th September at 3pm -Year 1

Wednesday 13th September at 3pm -Year 4

Friday 15th September at 3pm -Year 3

Monday 18th September at 3pm -Year 2

Wednesday 20th September at 3pm -Year 5

*Nursery and Reception Classes will have a meeting later in the term once the children have settled as the parents and pupils have all had home visits.

Autumn Term PARENTS' EVENING: Wednesday 15th November 2017