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Message From the Headteacher

Fri 26 Sep 2014


Firstly, I would like to announce the winners of the classroom door competition. The teachers and children have worked really hard to get the doors looking great, reflecting the staff and children in the class, and ensuring that the children know a little bit more about some of the places and cities in the UK and where we live. EYFS winner: Edinburgh Class KS1 winner: Nottingham Class LKS2 Class: Sheffield Class UKS2 winner: Newcastle Class. There are photos of the doors outside my office for anyone interested.

This week, the children have been busy working on their new topics in class. As you will know if you came to the ‘Welcome Meetings’, Millfields has launched a brand new school curriculum for the 2014-15 academic year, in line with the statutory changes required by the Department for Education. Across subjects such as History, Geography, Art and Computing, children will be able to get their teeth into stimulating new topics such as the Mysterious Mayans, Excavating Egypt, Invasion and Amazonian Adventure. The original, intensively-researched curriculum has been formulated by subject leaders at Millfields, drawing on years of teaching experience and informed knowledge. In order to share the new curriculum with the whole school community, we are holding a ‘Curriculum Evening’ on Tuesday 14th October. The subject leaders will be sharing lesson plans, practical activities and information –at 4pm-5pm and 6pm-7pm. There will also be an opportunity on the evening to meet some of the Governors who link with specific curriculum areas. The staff have also been looking at and planning the next term’s topics already, so we welcome any feedback on what you or your child has to say about the curriculum.

This year’s Junior Road Safety Officers, Aamina Bala in Year 4 , and Victor Gomes in Year 5, attended their first training session this week. They have already fed back to me about what their role entails and what their responsibilities are for the coming year. They will be hosting assemblies for all the different year groups in the coming weeks. Also on road safety, you may have noticed that there is a more regular traffic enforcement patrol outside the school gates. I met with Elaine Beckett, the Principal Road Safety Officer at Hackney Council to express our concerns about the dangerous crossing on Rushmore Road, and we I’ll be looking to introduce some more traffic enforcement measures very soon. Please do not park on any of the double yellow or zig-zag lines outside the school –it is very dangerous. Thank you for your cooperation.

As you will hopefully know, it is Maths week from Monday 29th September until Friday 3rd October. This year, our theme is puzzles and solving puzzles. There are lots of workshops for each class, and special lessons planned next week, and a home learning challenge with prizes –look out for more details on Monday.

Also, thank you to all the staff and parents who made cakes for today’s Macmillan Coffee Morning –it has been a great success. We will let you know how much we raised next week.

Finally, have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane

Best, Jane




Message From the Headteacher

Fri 19 Sep 2014


This week, all of the children have been busy in class, enthusiastically focussing on their new learning in Maths, writing, reading and topic. There were 2 great sharing assemblies this morning –well done to Manchester Class and Dundee Class who shared their work so far this term. It is always a tough job to be the first class assembly of the school year, so fantastic work everyone!

We also had our first Celebration Assemblies this week. For those of you who do not know about these assemblies –they are held weekly and are all about celebrating good behaviour, good teamwork, good effort and good work! Each week the class teacher chooses a ‘Star of the Week’ who is awarded a certificate for their achievements. As well as this award, we also present ‘Spanish Star of the Week’ for each age-phase –selected by Belen our Spanish teacher, and lots of children receive a ‘Happy Faces’ certificate for achieving  3 happy faces in class over the week. Other awards presented are for good lunchtime manners and behaviour and children, mainly in KS2 can earn a ‘Pen Licence’ when they have mastered cursive and neat writing techniques. And I have already sent lots of postcards home for excellent work, especially in Year 2 –the children are so proud to share their work with me, so thank you. I look forward to seeing work from other year groups in the coming weeks. As you can read, we always have lots to celebrate at Millfields!

In a special assembly this week, Millfields were awarded the ‘Golden Shoe’ Trophy. This award is for the massive effort that you and your children made to walk to school during the summer term. In total, we had 574 children walking to school at least once a week. This was an impressive 91% of children receiving a badge for walking to school. Well done and keep up the good work! We are featured on the Hackney website link here http://news.hackney.gov.uk/hackney-council-stars/

We also had a Governors School Tour this morning. Thank you to two of our new governors, LEA and Parent Governor who had a walk around the school and Children’s Centre. It was noted that all the children were on task, and focussed and that there was a very calm and orderly atmosphere in the school. We look forward to more Governor Visits that will focus on specific areas of the curriculum over the coming weeks.

The Leadership Team have been meeting with teachers this week, to look at provision for all pupils in their class, and to ensure that the appropriate support and challenge are in place for individuals and groups of children. There will be a follow-up meeting next half term to look at progress in reading, writing and Maths.

I have my fingers crossed that the building works is near completion and that the scaffolding will be down in the next few days! Thank you again for being so patient. The children have been fantastic and are now keen to see the finished project too.

Finally, have a good weekend. I hope the sun is still shining!

Best, Jane



Message From The Headteacher

Fri 12 Sep 2014


The term has started really well, and all the children are now back and back to the usual school routines. As you may know, your child’s topic work starts with a WOW trip that links to the topic that the children will be learning about this term. So this week, Year 6 classes visited London Zoo as part of their work in Science on habitats, Year 2 classes visited the Science Museum as part of their topic on space, Year 1 classes enjoyed a day out at Whipsnade Zoo as part of their science work on animals, and Portsmouth Class visited the British Museum as part of their topic on Egypt. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to help out with the trips on the day.

As you will know, all of the classes this year are named after British cities. During the first few days of term, the children were learning about the cities, and did lots of map-work to locate their class name and London on a UK map. This week, the classroom doors have been decorated to represent that city, as well as including a photo of all staff and children that belong to that class. The teachers all love a bit of competition and the doors look great. It really has been an amazing effort –thank you. Vicky and I have been around the school today looking at the doors, and have chosen a winner from each age-phase, so look out for the winners’ names in next week’s Mag. I will be displaying photos of all the doors in the main foyer for you all to see.

A special mention and well done to all of the children who sat their piano grade 1 exam last term. And well done to all of the Year 6 boys who went to the Hackney Football trials this week –lots of them got chosen to go through to the next round. Thank you to the parents and carers who attended the ‘Welcome Meetings’ for each year group this week. If you need any of the leaflets about the new curriculum, important dates, and information on how you can help your child at home in Maths and Literacy, please see the main office who will be happy to copy one for you.

On Sunday, some members of the school choir will be taking part in the annual Thames Festival. It is always a great day out. The Children’s Choir will be singing at 1pm outside the Scoop. The weather looks good so hope you can make it.

Thank you for your patience with the scaffolding and playground works – after lots of hiccups, there is almost an end in sight. We are hoping (fingers crossed) that it will be only more week, and then the new sheltered quiet area will be completed and ready for the children to enjoy. As well as this work, some of our children will be working with artist, Tim Davies, to design the Millfields ‘Welcome’ sign for above the door, and will also be designing an art piece to go on the main school gates. I hope that you have also noticed some of the new signs and maps that have been put up in the playground –the children have certainly enjoyed looking at them at playtime, and there are more to come.

I hope that Year 6 parents all received their secondary School booklets and that some of you took the opportunity to visit the Secondary Schools Fair earlier this week. We will be holding meetings for any parent who needs help completing their application forms online on the following dates: Friday 3rd October and Thursday 9th October.

Finally, please look out for the ‘Artist of the Week’ competition on the back of the Mag!

I hope that you have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane


Message From the Headteacher

Fri 05 Sep 2014


Welcome back to pupils, children and staff. And a special welcome to all our new Nursery and Reception children and parents. I hope you have had a good break, and enjoyed the sunshine and the time with friends and family.

As you will have noticed, the next stage of the playground development works that were scheduled to take place over the summer break are still on-going.  As usual, Darren and Grant worked extremely hard over the holidays –a huge thank you,  but unfortunately the building work delay was out of our hands. We appreciate your patience and understanding –the scaffolding should only be up for another 10 days or so, and then the finished entrance area with a new welcome sign, a covered stage area with seating and storage will hopefully be completed. This area will be a quiet space for chatting and reading during playtimes, and also for use by class groups for performance and learning activities. We have also removed the staging area and created a ‘hill’ that has some temporary grass  on it that will be replaced later in the school year. The children seem to be enjoying sitting on the grass and chatting with their friends. We have also had a Patball Court painted in the back playground. In assemblies this week, I have spoken to the children about the importance of staying safe around the scaffolding and being aware of dangers please reiterate this with your child at home. If you would like to see the plans for the whole playground redevelopment, please look on the school website.

All of the children are looking refreshed, smart in their new uniforms, and eager to learn. I hope that your child is reporting that they are happy and settled in their new classes with their new teachers. If there are any issues please speak to the class teacher in the first instance or catch me at the school gates in the morning or at the end of the day. Or speak to one of us at the ‘Welcome meetings ‘next week.

The Year Group welcome meetings are an opportunity for you to meet your child/ren's new teacher and find out what they will be learning in school and how you can support them at home. There will also be a Curriculum Booklet sent home at the end of next week, as well as a brochure about the new topic-based curriculum that has been devised as part of the national changes being implemented this September.

Welcome to all our new staff, Emma, Wayne, Terry, Alison, Matthew, Keli, Kingsley and Sihem -teachers, and Emily, Abigail, Lily, Ajanette, Anthony -support staff.

All the classes from Years 1-6 have been busy already, learning about the UK city that their class is named after, as well as creating their own Class Charter based on the rights of the child that we advocate as a Rights Respecting School.

Please remember to look for information on the school noticeboards, the school website, via text or email - if you have not let the office know your email address, please let them know asap, as well as on the Millfields Mag.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane




Message from the Chair of Governors

Fri 05 Sep 2014


To everyone in Millfields, welcome to a new school year.

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I wish you all a really good year ahead.  For those staff, pupils and parents that have just joined our family welcome, and those returning; welcome back.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that Jane has done a great job in creating a community of people that can grow and learn together, and that is really important to us as a Board of Governors.

Our aim is that Millfields helps to build really strong foundations for the lives of our children and our community, and those foundations deliver success for all that engage with us, whatever success looks like for them.  We recognise that our staff have commitment to go above and beyond expectations, and often deliver despite all the obstacles that the education landscape creates.  As a Board we’ll try to minimise those where we can, or go on the journey together where we can’t.  We want to give you the confidence and backing to succeed, we have high expectations and want to challenge and support the school to achieve and be the best that we all know that Millfields can possibly be.

In our first Governors meeting we agreed the ethos of the governing body, which we articulated as:

To acknowledge that our teachers do a great job, sometime despite the demands made of them.  Our job as governors is to challenge the school productively, ask difficult questions, and strive for excellence, so our children have a positive experience throughout their school life, and therefore build the strong foundations they need to be successful throughout their lives.

I hope you’ll agree with me that this is going to be an enjoyable but challenging year, and together we can face those challenges and be successful.  I personally hope to see some of you throughout the year and celebrate your own and the school’s success.




Year Group Welcome Information Meetings

Tue 02 Sep 2014


At the beginning of each academic year, there is a Year Group meeting for parents and carers with children in Years 1-6. This is an opportunity to meet your child's teacher and to find out about what your children will be learning this year, some of the class and school routines and expectations. The Literacy and Maths Coordinators will also be present, as well as the SEN coordinator, to answer any questions you may have.

All meetings will take place in the bottom hall. The meeting times are below:

Year Group Welcome Information Meetings

Tuesday 9th September at 3pm -Year 1

Wednesday 10th September at 3pm -Year 2

Thursday 11th September at 3pm -Year 4

Friday 12th September at 3pm -Year 3

Monday 15th September at 3pm -Year 5

Tuesday 16th September at 3pm -Year 6




Message From the Headteacher

Fri 18 Jul 2014


What an amazing year –and all over already! I cannot believe that it is the end of another academic year at Millfields, and for me a  special anniversary,  as the end of this term, marks the end of my 25th year at Millfields as NQT, class teacher, subject leader, SENCO, Deputy Head and for the last 5 years,  Head teacher. It has been an amazing journey and I feel extremely privileged to have worked with so many talented, committed and special individuals in all areas of the school. And I feel especially privileged to have worked with so many brilliant children and their families and I truly feel like a part of this community. Thank you to everyone who I have met on my way –you have made it such a great job to come to every single day.

And this year, there have been so many great events and so many curriculum learning highlights, that I do not know where to begin. We started this week by the Year 5 children winning the Inter-London Chess tournament –they were brilliant and really made us all proud of the way they have taken on the challenge of learning to play chess this year, and then developed the skills needed to play competitively. Well done to all the children in Year5, but especially the ones who competed and won! We will be continuing this initiative in Year 5 again next year.

Also this week, the children from the Arsenal Double Club made their annual trip to the Emirates Stadium as their end of year treat. We found out that Millfields is actually the longest-serving school that has been committed to this football and learning club that children love! Thank you to Sharon and Dwayne for all their support and enthusiasm. (Of course it is probably quite easy for them as they are Arsenal fans!)

Year 3 children rounded off their topic on the Tudors this week, by holding a special Tudor Banquet that was organised by the teachers and Leea, our Catering Manger. They all looked the part and certainly tucked in to a very authentic meal and drank pints of ale! (non-alcoholic of course!)

And if your ever need your car washed –look no further because the Nursery and Reception classes have been running their very own car-washing enterprise over the last 2 weeks. The child have had a fantastic time visiting the local carwash, and then washing staff cars in the school playground. They had great fun and learnt about managing their own business at the same time.

Finally, we were all treated to the Year 6 end of year show, and what an outstanding performance it was too! The children (and staff), all worked so hard to produce, Joseph the musical, probably the best show we have seen for many years. There were plenty of staff and parents with a tear in their eye. Well done Year6, and hope that you will all have a good break before embarking on the next part of your learning journey at secondary school. You have been an amazing group of children to work with, so I hope you will come back to let us know how you are getting on. Good luck!

And last, but certainly not least, we are saying a heart-felt goodbye and a huge ‘thank you’ to some members of staff who are moving on to many varied and exciting ventures in the UK and the rest of the world! Farewell to teachers -Leon, Cheryl, Gemma, Nicole, Clyde and Sara, and to support staff –Omrum, Emma, James, Mahalia and Claire. I know you will join me in thanking them for all their work at Millfields, and wishing them all good luck for the future!

Have a great summer break, and see you on Wednesday 3rd September. Best Wishes, Jane