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Shine A Light Awards

Wed 16 Apr 2014


Well done to the team at Millfields for being voted School of the year in the Communication Trust's "Shine a Light awards".

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Message From The Headteacher

Fri 28 Mar 2014


Firstly, a huge ‘thank you’ this week to all the parents and carers who attended Parents Evening on Tuesday. As usual we had an excellent turn out with more than 95% of parents/carers making appointments with the class teachers to look at their child’s Maths and Literacy books as well as talk to the teachers about progress in class. I also had the opportunity to talk to parents and carers about a range of subjects, but in particular I would like to respond to the questions about lunch-time. I hope that you were able to taste some of the delicious food that your child is offered each day. If you would like to know more about lunches, please contact Leea through the main office as she is always very happy to talk to parents about school meals. The school menu is prepared on a 3 week cycle -there are copies available at the main reception and they are also on the school website. Thank you also to the parents who completed the school meals survey –the results of this are still being collated and will be shared with you in the near future. As well as talk about the food at lunch time, I discussed the supervision and playground arrangements in place for the children. Currently all KS1 children (Years 1 and 2) have lunch between 12 noon and 1pm –the children go out to play first and are called in class by class. At this time they are the only classes in the playground. The children in  KS2 (Years3-6) have their lunch from 12.30-pm-1.30pm. The children are able to share part of the side/middle playground, so that siblings can meet up, so the younger children do have the majority of the playground to themselves for the majority of lunchtime. We also have 2 additional adults in the playground, and a dedicated First Aider on duty in the Medical Room every day. We have also introduced Active Lunch Club for all year groups and KS2 Lunch Club for selected pupils to play board games, read  and chat in a classroom over lunchtime. We are due to review the arrangements for lunchtime at the end of this term, using your feedback too, so will keep you informed.This week Tokyo class took part in an exciting 'Captivate' Art Project.  The 'Captivate' team worked with Tokyo to create an eye-catching sculpture, to eventually be displayed in the Broadgate area of London at the end of April.  The artist, Reza, was inspired by Tokyo class' idea for the sculpture being of a Dove perching on a birdcage.  Tokyo swiftly got busy creating the giant sculpture from aluminium, wood and fabric.  Tokyo thoroughly enjoyed the experience as they were able to create art in a new and exciting way.  We are all looking forward to the launch where they will meet with two other schools who have taken part in the project.Last night Millfields children in Year 5 and Y6 took part in the HTSA Dance Festival at Clapton Academy. The standard was very high, and the evening was a resounding success, and a great community event with children from Clapton, Harrington Hill, Rushmore, Nightingale, Gayhurst, Gainsborough and Millfields taking part. A big ‘thank you’ to Nicole –PE Lead. The Millfields end of term Concert is next Wednesday 2nd April, so I hope you will be able to join us to enjoy some of the fantastic music and dance that Millfields have produced this term. Also, please note all the events happening next week; all classes will take part in an Art workshop as part of Creative Week, and will also focus on art activities every afternoon. The art pieces will be displayed as part of an exhibition for all to see after the Easter holiday.Finally, don’t forget to order your pizza for next Friday!Happy Mother’s Day to all mums –I hope your children treat you on Sunday.

Best Wishes, Jane


Message From The Headteacher

Fri 21 Mar 2014


This week in school, we have been getting ready for Creative Week that will start on Thursday 27th March until Friday 4th April. We are very excited that the classes will all be working with an artist on wicker sculpture and/or screen printing, as well as working on multi-media projects on creative projects from different continents in each year group. Teachers have been taking part in Art skills training, and have made their own sketches and paintings that will be added to a final exhibition of artwork that will open for parents after the Easter holidays.

Also this week, teachers have been meeting, in year groups, with members of the Leadership Team to moderate the levelling of children’s work –in particular writing and maths.

On Wednesday, the children in Years 4 -6 took part in a workshop/performance on anti-bullying, and cyber-bullying in particular. The children enjoyed the interactive nature of the performance and hopefully learnt something new! Year 6 pupils said that they found out some interesting facts and how to report someone who might be being mean to you on the internet.

Our newly-formed girls’ football team took part in their first tournament yesterday. I am very pleased to announce that the girls won 2 and drew 2 matches and finished top of their group! What a fantastic performance by Matilde, Victoria, Jasmin, Sarah-Jane, Ruby, Kemi, Chantelle and Ummhaaani, and a big thank you to Dwayne and Sharon who have been training the girls and supported them yesterday. Looking forward to the next round already!

Finally - a couple of reminders, about arrangements for next week. Parents’ Evening is on Tuesday 25th March between 2pm-8pm, so if you have not already signed up to see your child/ren’s teacher/s, then please do so on the yellow board. There will be an opportunity to taste some of the delicious school meals that are served daily, get more information on e-safety, healthy packed lunches and the Music and Sports provision that we have at Millfields,  and also an opportunity to meet some of the school governors.

On Wednesday 26th March, the school is closed to pupils due to strike action by members of the NUT (National Union of Teachers). Thank you for your support and cooperation with this.

Also, if you have not had a chance to return your slip for the Hackney Half Marathon, please give it in to the office before Friday 28th March. Also, pupils in Year 5 who are wishing to go on the residential trip in the summer term, should return their slip expressing their interest along with a £10 deposit by Friday 4th April. There have been 2 information meetings for parents, but if you want any further details, please see Roz Wilson or Heidi in the main office. There is also an evening music concert on Wednesday 2nd April, to be held at Clapton Academy –the children are all busy rehearsing at the moment so we are looking forward to it!Also, we are looking for a new Parent Governor –more information soon!

I hope you have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane


Message From The Headteacher

Fri 07 Mar 2014


We had a fabulous turn out on World Book Day –thank you to all the children and staff who dressed up as a book character as we celebrated World Book Day. There will be prizes for some of the best costumes given out next week during Celebration Assemblies. There has been a real buzz around reading, books and their authors this week, as all the classes have been preparing for meeting their authors as part of the Pop-Up Book event next week. The children have been reading the books, preparing questions to ask authors and illustrators, and writing their own stories to share with the authors when they visit the classrooms next week. There will also be a school Book Fair in the next week or so, so please either keep your £1 book token for then or visit a local bookshop at the weekend, as there is a special range of books at the discount price. Look our for more details of the author events in next week’s Mag.

This week all the class teachers have been observed teaching as part of the school’s self evaluation and monitoring cycle, and of course the pupils have been observed learning, by the senior leaders in the school. The lessons observed were all Literacy lessons and focussed on the children learning about spelling, punctuation and grammar, and how to apply this knowledge to their writing. We have observed some great story openers, story endings and heard children using some great vocabulary, and using a wide range of strategies to write, so well done to all of you – Definitely some future writers and novelists in our midst.

The wait for Year 6 pupils is now over, as they found out this week which secondary school they will be attending in September. This year the 75 children are going to over 15 different schools in and out of borough, so we hope they will stay in touch when the time comes. Thank you to all the parents from Year 6 who attended a meeting about the end of year celebrations  -please look out for further texts and letters to see how you can get involved or see Anne-Marie Dawkins (mother of Romario) for more information.

Parents Evening is also coming up soon –TUESDAY 25th MARCH. Please look out for the sign up sheets in the bottom hall, in the next week or so. Also a reminder this week, that children do need to be wearing school uniform. As the weather gets warmer, please ensure that your child wears appropriate school clothing, and wears sensible shoes.

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy a bit of sunshine at last! Best Wishes, Jane



Message From the Headteacher

Fri 28 Feb 2014


We have had a very exciting and very busy week at Millfields, not least because of the arrival of the new chicks that hatched earlier this week in the Nursery, and the owls that visited the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children in assembly. The Nursery children are delighted that they saw some of the chicks pecking their way out of their shells and are now watching them grow in to the fluffy yellow chicks that we all love! The children were amazed and fascinated by the owls that visited on Tuesday –they watched the owls feeding, and ‘wowed’ at them flying low and swooping above their heads. The Year 1 children especially are very keen to learn more about owls –they have been reading stories, researching on the internet and looking at non-fiction books, as well as writing and drawing in class and at home.

Year 2 children have also been looking at non-fiction texts, and visited the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum this week as part of their learning. Mexico City shared fantastic work and interesting facts and figures about dinosaurs –their names, what they eat and where they used to live, in assembly today. Year 6 children also shared their love of books through mini plays based on their guided reading books in the Sharing Assembly this morning.

Well done to and keep up the enthusiasm for learning!

Also this week, some of our swimming team had the opportunity to visit the Olympic Aquatic Centre before it opens to the public this weekend. The children enjoyed a special tour around the pool and facilities, and received a goody bag to remember their visit. We are hoping that they will also have an opportunity to swim there sometime soon as well! Thank you to Sharon, Cynthia and Naomi (Marlow’s mum –Y6) for supporting the trip.

Some of Beijing Class also visited the National Theatre on Wednesday evening to see the play ‘Emil and the Detectives’ which is the book that this class are reading as part of the Booklinks (Pop-up author) visits that are coming up later this half term. The children were all very well-behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, including the ice creams during the interval! They are also writing their own detective story, as Nicole has apparently been kidnapped! So look out for more on this in the coming weeks. All of the classes will have a visiting author during the week beginning 10th March. This is always a great week for the children who love the fact that the writer and/or illustrator of the book they have been reading is visiting their class.

Finally, we are still waiting for the final figures on the money made from the C-H-R-S-T-M-A-S single and will let you know as soon as we do! Meanwhile, the next phase of the re-development of the playground is due to take place over the Easter break. The plans for the playground can be viewed on the school website, and will be up in the Reception area next week, so please do have a look to see what all the money raised so far is going to fund and our future plans.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane

Best Wishes, Jane







Message From The Headteacher

Fri 14 Feb 2014


The children and staff from the Autism Resource Base have enjoyed a fantastic week at the annual residential at Kench Hill, near Tenterden in Kent. The children have braved all weathers, and enjoyed a country walk, visiting the Rare Breeds Farm -feeding and tending the farm animals, baking and cooking using local ingredients, and generally enjoying the outdoors! Thank you to all the staff and parents who were with the children  all week –hope they enjoy a well-deserved rest over half term.

There have been lots of trips and outings this week. Reception classes visited the Science Museum, the afternoon pupils in Green Class enjoyed their first experience of Forest School –more information on this will be available on our website soon, and Year 2 children enjoyed a trip to the Fire Station. We have had lots of positive comments from members of the public and parents and carers who supported teachers on the trips, about the excellent behaviour and conduct of the children on the buses, tube and in the public spaces. Well done to all the children –you are fantastic ambassadors for the school!. Thank you to the  parents who gave up their time to accompany their child’s class on their trip.

Thank you also to all the parents/families who took part in the Home Spanish Quiz, and ‘well done’ to all the children who have been nominated by Belen and their teachers, as the most enthusiastic leaners during Spanish Week. The winners of a dual language book or Spanish phrasebook, that will be awarded in assemblies after half term are as follows: Clagray –Juelz and Shanteanna, Paris –Uma, Saoirse and Viggo, Vancouver –Nia and Fergus, Mexico City –Haniah and Solly, Rome –Zarah P and Joseph B, Rio –Mari and Theo, Barcelona –Laura and Tyrese, Moscow –Abdur Rahman and Amelia, Innsbruck –Jasmine and Riley, Tokyo –Anoushka and Oliver, Seoul –Anwar and Aleksandra , Helsinki –Georgie and Kyle, London –Devraj and Sara, Beijing –Tamara and Sylejman, New York –Ummhanni and Khan, Athens –Ayo and Iona, Grenoble –Clara and Jacob, Oslo –Julia and Enes.

We have had a visit from the LA School Improvement Partner this week. This is part of the school improvement plan that looks at teaching and learning. The visit focussed mainly on the teaching of reading and writing across the school as well as scrutinising data and talking to a group of pupils about their learning and behaviours for learning. The children were great and spoke about how they are helped to learn in class, and how they can be independent learners because of the use of target sheets, marking and feedback to tell them what they need to do next in their learning. Thank you and well done on a successful visit to all the staff and pupils.

Finally, I hope you all have a fantastic break over half term with your families, and I hope to see you all bright and early on Monday 24th February.

Best Wishes, Jane


Message From The Headteacher

Fri 07 Feb 2014


We have had a fantastic Spanish week, thanks to all the staff and to Belen in particular for all the organisation and enthusiasm! Lots of the children have made a real effort to dress up today in Spanish outfits including Spanish footballers, Flamenco dancers or just wearing the red and yellow colours of the Spanish flag. The children have all been learning more about Spanish speaking countries, learning new vocabulary, cooking Spanish food, learning how to dance the salsa and they thoroughly enjoyed watching the dance show yesterday afternoon! Thank you also to the Spanish-speaking parents who gave up their time to speak to different classes, and to Leea and her staff for the Spanish influenced menu this week. We have had lots of family quizzes back and Belen will be marking them over the weekend and letting the winners know, and present them with their prize next week. Also, each class teacher has been asked to choose two pupils in their class who have been especially enthusiastic and worked hard this week –they too will receive prizes in assemblies next week.

We have been reinforcing the importance of wearing school uniform this week. I hope that you all received a letter reinforcing this, and thank you to all the parents who have supported us by ensuring their children are wearing the correct uniform colours and clothing. Please also make sure that all the children are wearing appropriate shoes or boots, especially in the wet weather.

Well done to all the cross-country runners who took part in an cross-school event at Hackney Downs again this week. The children are all really enjoying the experience and are making progress at each event, as well as doing a great job of representing the school. Keep it up!

The teachers have been busy as a whole staff group, looking at and levelling the children’s writing. There is a real focus on writing in class at the moment and the children are all working hard on SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), as well as using their fantastic imaginations and own experiences to write some fantastic fiction and non-fiction pieces. The children (and teachers) should be very proud of their achievements especially in Year 2 and Year 6. I hope you will have the opportunity to look at their writing at the Parents’ evening on Wednesday 26th March. More details of this after half term.

I can hardly believe that we are almost half way through the academic year –next Friday 14th February is the last day of the half term, and is also non-uniform day. The children in Year 5 have decided to make the theme -’Dress to impress’ as it is Valentines Day, so I look forward to seeing all the children dressed up. Please remember to bring £1 for the playground development fund.

Finally, I hope you have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane