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Message from Headteacher

Fri 27 May 2016


We have an very exciting and busy week as it has been ‘Science and DT week’ at Mill fields! The theme this year is ‘Space’, and the staff and children have really got on board and created some amazing space-related models and resources. Reception children were learning about forces and gravity through outdoor games; Year 1 have been looking at the mechanisms of a pinball machine and how it works; Year 2 have been making sculptures that depict day and night; Year 3 have been designing a model village for a future planet; Year 4 have been learning about and making models of the solar system; Year 5 have been learning about the phases of the moon and designing moon sculptures; Year 6 have created and launched rockets and space buggies. There have also been special assemblies and the week finished with the entries for the home-learning project –parents and children designed and built space stations that can be used in the future –there were some fantastic models, and lots of prizes were handed out to all the winners for the most creative and most effort in making the space station. Thank you to everyone who took part, and a huge ‘thank you’ to Alex for organising us all!

On Wednesday evening, we held our end of term ‘Spring Concert’ with more than 150 children taking part –violins, trumpets, piano, guitars, KS1 and KS2 choir, Oxford Class and our Rock Bands. I can honestly say that it was probably the best concert I have seen at Millfields for a very long time. The talent that has been nurtured and developed and the children singing and playing in harmony to a very high standard was brilliant! Thank you to all the children taking part –I know it is a great experience to be part of the event and to perform in front of such a large audience. Thank you also to all the parents and carers who attended, and a huge ‘thank you’ to Roz and all the music tutors for their time and commitment to music at Millfields.

Thank you also, to the parents and carers who attended the ‘Marvellous Me’ meeting on Tuesday morning. The questions and debate around how we are using the app at school was very useful. Moving forward, I would like to thank all the parents who have already signed up. The school staff will be reviewing the use and effectiveness of the app after the half term break. The main purpose of the app is to communicate with parents and carers about all the ‘marvellous’ things that your child does at school each day. Currently this consists of only written messages or badges that tell you something positive that your child has done. We are setting up a Working Group that discusses social media and the use of this app in the future, so if you would like to join, please email Deputy Head, Kate Roberts on kroberts@millfields.hackney.sch.uk

Today is non-uniform day, and it has been great to see all the children dressed up in their sport kits/clothes. We chose the theme as we know there are lots of sporting events both locally, nationally and internationally, coming up and we will all be sporting fans! Thank you for all the donations at the gate. We also all took part in the Millfields Tennis Tournament at Millfields Park -results will be in after the break!

Finally have a good break over half term, and I look forward to seeing you all back refreshed for the busy half term before the summer. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 20 May 2016


We have had a very busy sporting week at Millfields and there is plenty more to come in the next few weeks with, not only the Euros in France, Wimbledon and the Olympics in Rio, but there is also Millfields’ Sports Week and Millfields’ Tennis tournament coming up! This week, the Year 3 and 4 tennis team played really well in their first school tournament and, as well as some outstanding individual performances, the team all played well too! Also, last Friday, the Cycling Team pulled off an amazing performance as a team, again, with some outstanding individual wins, to ensure that Millfields are now top of the Hackney Cycling League. There are only a couple more events and we are hoping that this year we will be the champions! Well done to all the children involved –we can do it! Yesterday, the ‘Always Good’ children enjoyed a trip to the European Swimming Championships. It was very exciting to be in the Olympic Pool.  Team GB managed to qualify in all the races we saw!  I think it was because we were cheering so loudly and waving our flags! A special thanks to the Year 6 pupils –Mansi, Milo, Freya, Naailah and Sohail who supported and guided the younger children so well!

Today, all of the children from Year1 –6 are taking part in an ‘Introduction to Tennis’ led by one of our Year 3 parents who is a tennis coach. This will be followed up next Friday by an whole school tennis tournament. Friday 27th May is also non-uniform day, so to support all the sports events coming up at Millfields, nationally and internationally, we are all dressing up in Sports gear! Please support this fundraising event by donating £1 to PSA funds or bring in a filled jar –sweets, toys or other small goodies, for the Summer Fair ‘Jambola’. I am looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up!

On Tuesday, the children in Years4 –6 took part in an hour long interactive assembly all about the importance of school attendance. The show really drove home the message that unless you are really unwell, you need to be in school as ‘if you miss school, you miss out!’

Also a reminder that on Tuesday 24th May at 9.10am, there is an information and Q&A session with the founder of the App: ‘Marvellous Me’. If you haven’t signed up already, and would like to know a bit more before you do –please join us. Thank you to all the parents who have signed up –the feedback from you and your children has been great! We now have more than half the school signed up and hope to have more signed up before half term.

Don’t forget that on Wednesday nest week –25th May, the Spring Music Concert is taking place in St James’ Church. Tickets are on sale at the front desk.

Finally, next week is Science and DT Week at Millfields. The theme is ‘Space’. Your child should be telling you all about the class projects and the home learning competition –this year, you and your child are being asked to build your own space station! The deadline for entries is 9am on Friday 27th May, and there will be a sharing event in the afternoon from 3pm -more details to follow…  If you have any junk model materials –old boxes etc. at home, please save them and bring them in for your class next week.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 13 May 2016


Well done to all the 150+ children that took part in the Hackney Vitality Run last Sunday. What amazing weather and a great turn out to cheer on the thousands of runners. Millfields children and parents were featured in photos in both the Hackney Gazette and Hackney Today, so have a look at one of the papers or online if you can. The children are rightly proud of their achievements and many are still wearing their medals to school! And one courageous Millfields pupil, Joe in Year 4, managed to finish the race in one of the fastest times, despite falling and hurting himself at the very beginning, so well done for having such a fighting spirit and steely determination.

A huge well done to all the Year 6 pupils who this week sat their ned of KS2 SATS tests. As you will have been hearing and reading in the news, the tests have been quite a challenge this year. The curriculum and expectations changed in September 2014, so the current Year 6have had to work exceptionally hard to make sure that they have covered all areas of the curriculum in Maths and English, as well as then have to sit a new-style test. I am so proud of all the children, most of whom, took in in their stride, and of course, tried their very best.

Also this week, 10 children from the ARP and school have been on a residential visit to Kench Hill in Kent. They have been very lucky with the weather and enjoyed a range of activities including baking bread, visiting the local swimming pool  going to the beach and swimming in the sea, and visiting the farm. Thank you to all the staff who gave up their time to support the children on this trip –they have had a fantastic time!

Sharon, Dwayne and 15 children from Year4 and Year 5 took part in a ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ event at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday. The children were commended by staff there for their good behaviour and conduct. Well done everyone!

The Book Fair arrived yesterday and already we have seen lots of sales! Please do have a look and buy a book, as every book bought means a new book for our school library. Thank you as ever for your support, and to all the parents who are giving up their time to run it.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who have already signed up to ‘Marvellous Me’, our new school-home communication tool. There have been a couple of parents asking questions about the app, so please do contact the company directly as Adrian, the founder, will be very happy to  talk to you. Initial feedback from the vast majority of parents and teachers has been extremely positive. If you have not yet signed up, please do as soon as you can!

Science and DT Week is coming up soon, and the theme is space, so please start collecting boxes and  junk materials.  Look out for more info next week!

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the headteacher

Fri 06 May 2016


Although this has been a short week, there has, as usual, been plenty happening at Millfields! Today, Cardiff and Birmingham Classes shared their work so far this term with parents/carers and others in the school community. Thank you for your enthusiasm and effort. The children were so proud of their achievements –well done!On Tuesday, I met with Fiona Ball from Goldsmiths College who is doing some research on sleep and will be working with our Year 5 and 6 pupils in June, on an interactive educational session.  The children will be taught about scientific methods, the nature and value of good quality sleep, and mindfulness. The session will also include a guided five minute mindfulness meditation.Research has shown poor sleep affects children in a number of ways, including mood, behaviour, and their ability to concentrate, attention, academic progress and even levels of obesity. The children will be asked to fill out some questionnaires as part of the study and we will be sharing the findings in coming months. Researchers hope this study will help develop new ways of helping children sleep better leading to improvements in their overall wellbeing, both in school and at home.With this is  mind, the Year 6 children will be taking the national SATS next week –we have a free breakfast club provision all week for the children to enable them to keep calm and relaxed before the tests and to ensure that they do their best! Good luck to them all!Also this week, we have been getting ready for the Hackney Challenge Run. All the practice runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings has paid off and the children are now ready for the final leg of the run! T-shirts will be coming home with the children today. Good luck to everyone – try your best and enjoy the day!As warmer weather seems to be with us, please can I remind you to ensure that your child is still wearing school uniform and that shoes are black or navy blue, and sandals are covered, not open-toe. Please ensure that your child wears a hat and bring sun screen to school to ensure that children are protected from over exposure to the sun. The school Sun Safety policy can be found on the school website. Also, children who bring PE clothes to school for days when their class is taking part in a PE lesson need to make sure that they have the correct uniform with them as well, to change back in to after the session. Also, please remind your child, mainly the older ones, that mobile phones are not allowed in school!Thank you for your support with all of the above.

I hope you have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane



Message from Headteacher

Fri 29 Apr 2016


We have had a very exciting time during breaks and lunchtimes this week as the new tree house and slide are finished and the children have been enjoying the experience of the new playground attraction. It has been great to see all the children so happy to come out to play and to see them enjoying the new playground experience. I know that lots of parents and staff are keen to have a go too! While the children are in school, we are able to supervise the children on the climbing equipment and slide, but before and after school, can I please ask that you supervise your own children if they are having one quick go on the slide before class or before going home. The school and staff cannot be responsible for your children at these times. Thank you for your support with this.

The children have also been working hard in class this week, especially in Year 2 and Year 6 as they are preparing for the end of key stage SATS. As you will know the government have raised the expected standards for pupils at the end of KS1 –Year 2 and end of KS2 –Y6, and the children currently in these year groups have had to squeeze more than one year’s learning in to this year. The teachers are very aware that some of the children will be anxious but the teachers will make it as stress-free as possible. In Year 2, the pupils will sit the tests in small groups during the course of the month of May. Year 6 pupils must sit the tests at the same time as all other Y6 children nationally, so there is a timetable in place for the week of the 9th –12th May. The children in Year 6 are offered free breakfast club that week, so look out for the letter regarding this next week.

Today, we had a visitor working with both teachers and pupils on reviewing marking and feedback policy and practice at Millfields. This piece of work is in response to the recent DfE paper on marking and teacher work-life balance. The aim of the review is to ensure that the teachers are spending time marking and giving feedback that the children think is worthwhile and is moving them on in their learning, which helps them to improve their work; as well as teachers spending their time on quality rather than quantity written feedback, as well as verbal feedback, that they feel is manageable and meaningful. The outcomes will be available for parents to see if they wish at the next Parents’ Evening.

You will see a few reminders in the Mag, especially about uniform, so please ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate clothes and footwear for school, especially when the weather gets warmer… hoping that will be soon! Thanks again for your support with this. Also, again, please make sure that if your child is in the playground and on school playground equipment before or after school, then they are your responsibility.

Have a lovely long weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 22 Apr 2016


We have had a fantastic week of speaking, listening and performance poetry as part of our language enrichment focus for Speaking and Listening Week. On Monday we started the week with a focus on bi-lingualism that was run for parents by the speech and language service. On Wednesday Y5 worked with various members of the school community on an activity called 'Talking Tables'. The children were given the opportunity to just talk to the group facilitator about the interesting image or object that they had on their table -the children loved it and the language and inquiry were fantastic. We are thinking about doing something like this more regularly, so look out for a call for volunteers in the future. There was also a stall after school on Wednesday, with interesting leaflets, ideas to encourage children to talk and be proud of their home languages, as well as the importance of story-telling. Lots of parents said that they found this very helpful.

As part of our Speaking and Listening Week, all of the classes have been looking at appreciation of poetry and writing their own poems. The competition for a place in the Poetry Finals yesterday was very fierce, with lots of children writing and performing their own poems. The judges had a very difficult  job choosing who they thought had either performed well, written heir own poem and presented it in a very confident and expressive way. The winners  received a medal, certificate and a poetry book –well done to everyone as below:

EYFS: Runners Up: Christie and Aqeela. Winner: Zhane

KS1: Runners Up: Honor and Annie . Winner: Asma

LKS2: Runners Up: Safiyah, Safiya, and Joe. Winner: Oscar

UKS2: Runner Up: Husna. Winner: Oasis

Also this week, you will notice that the new playground treehouse is nearly finished. The children are all very excited to start playing and exploring the new structure. Everyone will have an opportunity next week, and then  it will then, I am sure, become one of the popular playtime activities.

Year1 and Year 2 also enjoyed and learnt lots from Road Safety workshops that tool place on Monday. Please reinforce rules about coring the road with your child/ren and follow the ‘Green X Code’!

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane




Message from Headteacher

Fri 15 Apr 2016


Welcome back to everyone, and hope you all had a good break. Some of the children look like they have grown and certainly everyone looks rested and ready for the excitement of all this term’s learning opportunities. I have really enjoyed hearing about all the different trips, holidays and activities that the children took part in over the break -they are very lucky!

I am sure you will have noticed the new playground structure is nearly complete -we are hoping that it will be ready to be used in the next week or so! The children have been fascinated to watch the progress and have been asking lots of questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding until the construction is complete.

On Tuesday, we had a Governance Review. The school Governing Body met with Trevor Walker, an external consultant who had a tour of the school, spoke to staff and governors, scrutinised documents and ask lots of questions about the way we work together -school and governors, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your children. We will have a final report in a few weeks that you will be able to read on the website.

Today we have had a visit from Denmark -Headteachers, politicians and educationalists. This was their first visit and experience of a British school, and they were overwhelmed by all that they saw. They were most fascinated that children had talk partners in class, and that each classroom had a carpet area for the whole class group to sit on. They also commented on how friendly and engaged the children were, and loved all the displays in class and around the school. They saw a variety of activities including an Art lesson, a Class Council meeting, PE lessons and topic lessons. A huge thank you to our Y6 Ambassador today, Taylor West, who was a fantastic host and advocate for the school.

The PSA met just before the Easter break and have agreed the Summer Fair date as Saturday 9th July. The theme is going to be ‘Eid celebration', as our Muslim community will be celebrating the end of Ramadan and marking Eid on that day. The PSA will be sending out a newsletter very soon and will, as ever, be asking for help and support before, after and during the event. Please email psamillfields@gmail.com if you have any time, enthusiasm or both to spare!

We also have lots of exciting events and theme weeks and days coming up this term. Next Week is ‘Speaking and Listening Week’ that will culminate in the Poetry Recital Final on Thursday. Please encourage your child to learn and practice performing a poem over the weekend as a winner from each class will go through to the final. Also, if there are any parents who are willing and able to read or tell stories to their child’s class that week, especially stories or traditional tales from other cultures and countries, and in different languages, please contact info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk

The class photo proofs arrived and were given out to classes this week. We think they look great, hope you do too! Orders need to be returned to the main office by the end of Monday 18th April -this is an extension to the original deadline! No orders can be accepted after this time.

As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure that your child is still wearing school uniform and that they wear sensible shoes/sandals, not flip flops and please wear a hat if necessary. There is plenty of water available at all times in class and in the playground for children.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane