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Message from Headteacher

Fri 03 Dec 2021


I cannot believe that we are already in December, and Christmas has well and truly started at Millfields with the EYFS Winter Concerts this morning!  Thankfully we managed to do this in person, so fingers crossed for the rest of our concerts and shows in the next 2 weeks. The children in Nursery and Reception classes sang beautifully, and it certainly brought a smile to everyone's face! It was so lovely to welcome so many parents into school, and to hear them joining in with the singing too! Thank you for making a great effort to make the children look festive, and for helping them learn the words. A wonderful start to our day.

On Monday, 5 of our Millfields Cabinet members joined a worldwide online conference organised by Ashoka Changemakers. They listened to a young Chinese environmental activist talking about what she is doing to raise the profile of climate change and our keen activists shared their own views with the large audience. Well done to our PM  -Ayla, Deputy PM -Remi, Dash, Jasmine and Victor, our very own changemakers!

As you will hopefully already know, the Christmas Fair is this afternoon, and starts at 3.30pm until 5.30pm. The PSA have all been busy for the last few weeks, and from early today, getting ready for the big event. All of the activities and stalls will be outside, so we hope to see lots of you later, enjoying the festivities, and hopefully wearing a mask to make sure that we all try to keep safe.

Also, the children in Y2 have all been excitedly learning their lines of the nativity performances that are planned for next week. There will be tickets for sale on the day -£1 donation for the performance at 10am. See the details of days and times on the relevant Google Classroom.

Yesterday, was London Day -a Millfields termly tradition that has actually managed to happen this year! The children had a great day out visiting lots of museums and galleries across London. The idea of this day is to emphasize the fact that we live in this amazing city and that there are so many brilliant places to visit, so hopefully the children visiting will prompt families to visit all the places as well.

Another date for your diary is the Christmas Lunch day -Thursday 16th December. If your child usually has packed lunch and would like to order lunch for your child that day, please look out for information coming out via email.

We are now collecting non-perishable goods for the Food Bank Christmas Hampers that will be given out on Thursday 16th December. We need more rice, pasta, pasta sauce, tins of tuna, loo roll, custard, UHT fruit juice, other drinks, cakes, biscuits and mince pies. Thank you to all of you who have already contributed, and continue to contribute on a weekly basis. The families in receipt of the food are extremely thankful.

As we come near to the end of term at Millfields, and with rising Covid cases, and a new variant, please can I ask that you follow guidance on facemasks and social distancing regarding coronavirus. Most importantly, if you or a member of your household has symptoms or has a confirmed positive test result, please do not send your child to school. Also, please call the school office to let us know immediately. We have been relatively lucky so far, as there have only been a handful of cases.

Let's please keep following guidelines, support each other, and get to the end of the term, keeping the Millfields community safe and well.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Take care, keep well, and stay safe.




Message from Headteacher

Fri 26 Nov 2021


What a busy week it has been! There has beenlots happening as usual, including the beginning of all those Christmas song favourites, the arrival of the Book Fair, 'No Pens Day' and 'Switch off Fortnight''

We mark 'No Pens Day' every year as it is a significant reminder about the importance of speech
and language in our everyday lives. 'No Pens Day' Wednesday is an annual day of spoken language activities that takes place in lots of schools. During the day, all learning activities were planned to encourage spoken language skills that are fundamental for learning to read and write, managing emotions and developing friendships. By putting down our pens (and pencils) for the day, teachers planned and designed learningactivities that helped to develop pupils’ spoken language skills. There were lots of Maths games,art and craft activities, debating, drama, and PE lessons taking place across the school. The pen police were checking in each class and all officesto make sure that we were all keeping to the rules!

As well as 'No Pens Day' we also challenged ourselves - children and staff, to switch off all electricity for at least the morning - no lights (except emergency lighting so we could see going up and down
the stairs, ovens to cook the school lunch and the main Admin office PCs!) no computers, iPads or interactive whiteboards and no phones! The staff all tried really hard to make the day work - I didn'tlook at an email until after 2:30pm! The idea of a day of learning without electricity was to highlight the need to think more about energy use, and sustainability as well as the over-reliance we all havethese days on technology! Some of the feedback from children is that they would like to have a day a week without electricity! Watch this space!

As you know there have been a few Covid cases in school, and thankfully, most of the adults and children are back in school now. However, there seem to be a rising number of Covid cases across Hackney and all schools have been asked by Hackney Education to ensure that we are adhering to rules to ensure that we minimise the spread and control Covid infection rates. In school currently,
staff are already testing twice a week; we also already have all windows and doors open to aid ventilation and we have CO2 monitors in place. We are being asked to wear facemasks in communal
areas and ask all visitors including parents to do the same; we are being asked to ensure that we stick to smaller group sizes, and so we have made all assemblies and concerts for one year group a ta time only; staff meetings are back online and we are thinking about social distancing again. We will keep going and hope that we get to the end of term with everything we have planned still going ahead.

Our first festive events take place next week, with EYFS concerts and the Christmas Fair all taking place on Friday 3rd December. Please see the poster in the Mag for details of the timings of the Fair and check your emails for concert times and details. Reminder texts will be sent out next week. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Finally, you will all be aware, hopefully, that your child is learning their class Christmas song for our concerts. Please encourage your child to learn the words and actions so that they are ready for their performance.

Wrap up warm this weekend, it's going to be a cold one!

Take care, stay well and keep safe.Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 19 Nov 2021


What a wonderful sight this morning seeing all of the children and adults wearing theirpyjamas to school!! Thank you everyonefor such a brilliant effort – we have raised more than £500! We have such a wonderful school community who are always so generous and continue to contribute to all the fundraising that we take part in.

The PSA met this morning to continue pre-paring for the Christmas Fair that will take place after school on Friday 3rd December. Save the date, and hopefully you can join us for some festive fun and more fundraising. If you would like to get involved in the organisation, please email psamillfields@gmail.com

On that note, we are asking for donations on behalf of Baby Bank E5 who are organising Christmas treats and a special festive dinner for Afghan families who are in temporary accommodation and hotels around Hackney. They have already gratefully received nearly 150 pairs of shoes collectedthrough the wonderful Millfields network, so we are now asking you to help us make goodie bags. We want unisex socks, ideally to fit age 2-12, and new stationery: notebooks, rubbers, pens, sharp-eners etc. Please drop donations at the main gate. We are also continuing to collect food for our Millfields Food Bank - thank you so much for your generosity! I know that it is very much appreciated!

As it has been Kindness Week, there have been lots of discussions and work in classes around 'being kind'. The week started with assemblies, and wearing odd socks on Monday, celebrating the fat that we are all different and that is good! We then attempted a giant 'hug of love' around the school to show that we love and care for each other in the Millfields family. We hope that we have reinforced to the children that in a world that can sometimes feel like it’s filled with negativity, one kind word can provide a moment of hope. It can be a turning point. It can change someone’s perspective. It can change their day. It can change the course of a conversation and break the cycle of bullying. Best of all, one kind word leads to another. Kindness fuels kindness. So from the playground to Parliament, and from our phones to our homes, together, our actions can fire a chain reaction that powers positivity.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who visited their child's Reception classroom this week. It was so lovely to see you all, and I know that the children really loved showing you their beautiful classrooms, their work and all the activities that they have in class. We hope that you enjoyed the small snapshot of what happens in class. It was also lovely to see lots of you meeting some of the other parents for the first time over a cup of tea, and also a nice opportunity for me to meet some of you and chat too. We will endeavour to do a few more social events for Reception parents, so watch this space!

Thank you also to all the Year 1 parents who came to our reading workshop today - we hope you found it useful, and that you feel better placed to support your child at home. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding this week as the school Covid cases began to rise, mainly around Year 4. Most staff and children affected will be back in school next week, and fingers crossed, we will keep numbers low. However, we are aware that in school we have to continue to be vigilant and follow guidance, that currently says that if there are 5 cases in a class or 10% in a group that mixes regularly, we move to tier2 of the school Outbreak Management Plan. This means that if anyone in your household tests positive, we ask that you ensure all members of the household isolate and do not
come into school. Test regularly if you have any of the symptoms outlined in the letter that was sent to all families.

Thanks as always for your support and feedback. If you haven't yet filled in the Parent Questionnaire, please spend a few minutes to give us your views.Have a good weekend everyone.

Take care, keep well, and stay safe! Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 12 Nov 2021


It has been a very busy week at Millfields as the teachers met lots of parents/carers as part of the online Parents' Meetings. Thank you for your time and we hope that you found them helpful, even if only to speak briefly about how your child has settled into school this year. We know that 10 minutes is never enough time, but hope that you are kept informed of the learning taking place via google Classroom, the Millfields Mag and other school communications. We are hoping that the next Parent Evening will actually be face to face! The teachers are also happy to chat on the phone or via email if you have any specific questions or issues. The staff list of email addresses is on the school website.

As part of our work with parents, please could I ask you to look out for the Parent Questionnaire that we ask you to complete at least twice a year -it will come via email. Your views are very important and we would like to hear any positive feedback and also any areas for improvement. Thank you in advance.
It was also lovely to see so many parents and carers, actually in the school building this week! Brown Class and Newton Class Sharing Assemblies today were packed and the children were so proud to perform for their families. Brown Class parents also enjoyed visiting the classroom and seeing some of the work in the books, as well as part of a phonics lesson!
Next week, we are welcoming parents from our Reception classes to come and meet the teacher and have a look around the classroom first thing in the morning, from 8.50am to see this term's learning so far. Bond Class is Wednesday 17th, Cooke Class on Thursday 18th and Hutchins Class on Friday 19th.  I look forward to seeing you all then.
This week, Y6 visited the Natural History Museum as part of their learning, and Year 4 class took part in an Anti-bullying workshop. And the Y5 and Y6 Cycling Team took part in the next Hackney Cycling League event -more details next week!
Finally, next week is the whole school 'Kindness Week' (Anti-bullying Week), and we will be starting the week with special assemblies and by wearing colourful odd socks on Monday 15th November! There is a competition where we could win a visit from BBC's Andy and the Odd Socks Band, so please remember your odd socks! There will also be a special whole school 'hug of love' -I will report back next week! Throughout the week the children will be talking about kindness, and taking part in discussions around bullying and kindness.
Talking of kindness, 2 very kind girls -Mabel and Sophia, will sadly be leaving Millfields today and moving out of London. Good luck, we will really miss you!
Thank you as always for your support. Dates for the Chrismtas Concerts and Nativity will be sent out with the Mag, and reminders will come every week, as we would love to see you all!
Have a good weekend.
Take care, keep well and stay safe.


Message from Headteacher

Fri 05 Nov 2021


I hope you all had a good half term with family and friends, and enjoyed the mild weather that has now very abruptly come to an end! It has been much colder this week, so please make sure that your child wraps up warm, has a coat, scarf and gloves and that you label these items as well as reiterate to the children that they have some of the responsibility to look after them! Staff at school will be alert to missing items, but sometimes it is just impossible to reunite owner and clothing if there is no name.

Yesterday was Diwali, and I would like to wish everyone who celebrates, and their family a very 'Happy Diwali'! 'May joy, prosperity, and happiness illuminate your life and your home this coming year and always!' Today is Bonfire Night, so I hope that if you are enjoying a local firework display for this or Diwali that you stay safe and remember to never pick up or return to a lit firework.

It has been another busy week, and lots has been happening in and out of school. The children in class have all settled very quickly back into their learning, and new topics, and some new routines have been introduced. Year 6 visited the Hackney Museum to round off their work on Black History month. Some of the Y5 and Y6 children had the opportunity to visit the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday as part of the BrightSparks concert: Symphonie Fantastique. The children had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the whole experience. Look out for more opportunities in the future. Four brilliant table tennis players -Sam, Sol, Otto and Zakariya represented the school at the Hackney competition on Wednesday and did really well for a first outing, coming 4th out of 10 schools. Well done, and thanks to Sharon for organising!

As you will know, the COP26 climate summit is taking place this week, and it has brought world leaders together, with the aim to prevent human activity from causing dangerous levels of climate change. In KS2 assemblies this week, we have been talking about the COP and the UN Rights of Child, Article 12 -respect for children's views. We reinforced that climate change is something that affects us all, and as children, they have the right to give their opinions about how we can help tackle climate change, and adults should listen and take themseriously. For over 50 years now, scientists have been noticing that climate change is happening much quicker, and his is influencing lots of living things all over the world, in forests, oceans, grasslands and lots of other natural habitats -we at Millfields agree it is time for action! The Education Minister has said today that schools must include work on climate change in their curriculum, but at Millfields we have already been doing this work! Our Eco Champions from across the school work hard very week on very small things that can make a big difference. Today, some of them will be joining other children from across Hackney, in a climate change rally, outside the Hackney Town Hall! Look out for photos and news next week!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined the PSA meeting today to start serious planning for the Christmas Fair that will be taking place on Friday 3rd December -save the date, and keep looking for more news on how you can help!

Finally, we continue to follow government guidance on Covid as well as our updated Risk Assessment (on the school website) to ensure that we are minimising risk and keeping us all safe. Thank you to the whole school community for your support, particularly encouragingmore frequent washing of hands, and using sanitiser, and wearing more layers of clothing to school, as even though the heating is on, all the doors and windows are open!

Thank you also for always calling or sending emails to seek advice if you are concerned about any symptoms that you or your child has - keep doing that and we will be able to continue our own track and trace!

Finally, have a good weekend, and enjoy some family time, hopefully outside, in one of Hackney's lovely green spaces!

Take care, keep well and stay safe.



Message from Headteacher

Fri 22 Oct 2021


We are finally at the end of the first half term, and it seems to have been a long one but at the same time it has flown by! Thank you to the whole school community - children, staff and parents, for being so patient, understanding and supportive as we have tried to get back to some normality while keeping an eye on what might come next.Thankfully the number of Covid cases remains low in our school, but I would ask that over half term, we all remain vigilant about wearing facemasks, keeping some distance and ensuring good ventilation, to minimise any possible further spread of the virus.

Please make sure that if you or your child has any of the classic Covid symptoms, or any cold symp-toms that are also indicators now, that you do a lateral flow test and/or PCR to ensure that you and
your family stay safe.

Today, there has been a lovely atmosphere around the school as the children and staff mark the end of Black History Month in school, by wearing red for 'Show Racism the Red Card'. The whole month of activities has been a brilliant learning experience for the children with workshops, reading texts, museum visits and so much more! A huge 'thank you' to Emma for all her hard work in planning and organising everything and everyone! If you haven't already visited the Hackney Museum on Reading Lane, please take some time to go during the half term. There is lots to see and learn from and some of our children's amazing photographs are also on display! Look out for the overview of other 'Dress Up Days' in the Mag.

Today, we also welcomed parents and carers from Baylis Class into school for the class sharing assembly. The children did so well, and it was a lovely farewell to their teacher, Alex, who is leaving to go on maternity leave and also moving to Scotland! We are all going to miss Alex, and wish her all the very best for the future. We also welcome Jo Dyer to the Millfields team, who will be taking over the teaching in Baylis Class.

Our very talented athletes and sports teams have also been in action over the last few weeks. The cyclists, tennis team, runners and footballers, girls and boys have all been involved in events againstother Hackney schools. The football teams played on Wednesday and both teams did really well andboth just missed a place in the final. Well done to all of them for representing Millfields and being real ambassadors. A very special mention to 3 of our Y5 girls who had football trials for the Hackney District Team this week and are in the team!! Well done to Ife, Kayan and Seraiya - a brilliant achievement and lots more success to come I am sure. Thank you to Sharon who organises all our sporting activities!

We have also been busy getting ready for the next half term, and am hoping that we will be able to do all the lovely festive and celebratory things that are Millfields traditions! The overview of concerts, nativity plays, Christmas Fair and other events will be sent out at the beginning of next half term, hopefully early enough for you to 'save the date'.

A reminder that the children come back to school on Tuesday 2nd November.

Finally, something to make us all feel proud at the end of half term. Curie Class visited the Hackney Museum earlier this week, and then went to the park afterwards. Later that day, an email came from 'a random mum in the park' that basically reiterated what we all know - the Millfields children are all such a kind, caring and inclusive bunch. The mum said that heryoung child was making friends with them at the swings, and that they were: 'Real kind hearted children and exactly the sort of children I can’t wait to see become adults in this world.' Well done Curie Class!

Enjoy the half term with family and friends. Take care, keep well and stay safe everyone! Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 15 Oct 2021


In class this week, the children have continued to work on texts and Black History Month topics, and the discussion and debate around their learning has been fantastic. Children are naturally curious and at Millfields, the children are really learning and making connections across subjects in school and the wider community and beyond.

As part of enriching the curriculum this week, the children have taken part in story-telling sessions, Ghanaian dance workshops, and Y2-Y6 also visited Hackney Museum  The children learnt from objects, photographs and oral histories on display tell stories of people moving to and living, working, studying and growing up in Hackney, from the 1960s to today. The conversations, debates and discussion in every class I have visited has been so intelligent, considered, inquisitive and respectful. Please talk to your children about their learning this week, and always.

At lunchtime, we have also been eating lots of different food that celebrates many other cultures. The children have enjoyed trying new foods. The catering team have worked really hard creating a variety of dishes -thank you!

To celebrate the end of Black History Month, the whole school is being encouraged to dress up as part of a non-uniform day on Friday 22nd October. We will be wearing red clothes for 'Show Racism the Red Card'. £1 donations will be collected at each gate on Friday morning.

On Monday, we had a visit from the Hackney Assistant Director of Education, who had a tour of the school and met the children and staff. The feedback and general impression was echoed in this email of thanks: 'Thank you for showing me around yesterday.  I really appreciate you taking the time.  It was great to have the opportunity to see Millfields and get a better sense of the context, also the rich curriculum and how you are successfully integrating the high number of pupils with Education Health and Care Plans in classes.'

Another big 'thank you' to the parents in Turing Class and Hepworth Class who came into school to watch their child's Sharing Assembly this morning. It is so lovely for you to join us in person again -I hope you enjoyed them! Also, today we are welcoming back our first in-person school tour for prospective Reception chuildren and parents.

Finally a few reminders, please return the trips letter and contributions as soon as you can. Also, please retrun the nasal flu persmission slips. And Y5 and Y6, please note, the option to pay the deposit for the residential trips is now open -please sign up for this brilliant opportunity!

Please note that Monday 1st November is an INSET Day. Children will be back in school on Tuesday 2nd November.

Have a good weekend. Take care, stay well and keep safe. Jane.