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Welcome Back!

Tue 23 Aug 2016


Welcome Back!

I hope you have all had a good holiday and enjoyed spending time with family and friends.

At the beginning of each academic year, there is a Year Group meeting for parents and carers who have children in Years 1-6. This is an opportunity to meet your child's teacher and to find out about what your children will be learning this year, as well as some of the class and school routines and expectations. The teachers will also let you know how and when it is best to contact them. There will be time for questions too!

All meetings will take place in the bottom hall. The meeting times are below:

Class Welcome Meetings 2016

Monday 12th September at 3pm -Year 1

Tuesday 13th September at 3pm -Year 2

Wednesday 14th September at 3pm -Year 3

Thursday 15th September at 3pm -Year 4

Friday 16th September at 3pm -Year 5

Monday 19th September at 3pm -Year 6

*Reception Classes will have a meeting later in the term once the children have settled as the parents and pupils have all had home visits.

Autumn Term PARENTS' EVENING: Wednesday 16th November 2016


Message from Headteacher

Fri 15 Jul 2016


What an amazing year again – and all over already! We have had so many amazing events, successes and celebrations this year! Thanks to all the children, staff, parents and the wider community for all of your support, enthusiasm and energy – none of the amazing things that happen at Millfields could happen without all of you. As I reinforce every year, the Millfields School community is something special and I hope we will continue in September and do it all again!

As always we are very sad to see all the children in Year 6 get ready to move on to the next stage in their educational journey. This group of Year 6 children have been a great group from the beginning of their time at Millfields. Some of them were the first children to come to Millfields Children's Centre. The end of year performance of ‘The Jungle Book’ was brilliant – great staging, costumes, acting, singing and most of all good humour and fun. This year group has been so hard working, enthusiastic and excited to learn and take part in so many other aspects of school life. With the added pressure of new SATS exams this year, they have exceeded all our expectations. All of the children have become confident and articulate; there have been lots of big personalities as well as quiet talented individuals in many fields – writers, actors, singers, musicians, sportsmen and women, footballers, cyclists, politicians, dancers, singers, ambassadors and entrepreneurs! We will definitely hear some of your names again in the future, of that I am sure. Remember –make sure your voice is heard and be the best that you can be! Well done – we are going to miss you all!

We have had a great week of celebrations. We were winners of the Hackney Cycling League – a fantastic achievement, so well done to the whole team who won medals and the shield, and were treated to a pizza lunch yesterday. The football team who won the Hackney Champions League, receiving a medal and a cup for the school had a pizza treat as well. All our fantastic musicians who took part in the Clapton Music Festival and to those who have taken their guitar grade music exams—30 passed with 11 distinctions 9 merits and 9 achieving Grade 3 - our best ever results! Well done to all the children at Millfields who take part in so many events and to the children who come to school every day and work hard – we presented 100%Attendance certificates to the children in assembly today. Also today, the ‘Always Good’ children went on a trip to the Clapton Portico for brunch – it is an amazing building to be in and the children enjoyed their treat!

There have also been a few trips this week.  Year 3 enjoyed their time at the Natural History Museum, Year 2 visited an urban beach and Reception classes went to Victoria Park. Thank you to the staff who organise the trips – and all the teachers who make them run so smoothly and make sure that the children have a great learning experience.

Last, but certainly not least, we are again, saying a goodbye and a huge ‘thank you’ to some members of staff who are moving on to many varied and exciting ventures in the UK and the rest of the world! Farewell to teachers – Lloyd, Esme, Abigail, Celeste, Wayne and Children Centre Manager Terry, and to support staff – Abby, Marta, Simone, Luana, Gallina and Penny. Good luck to Kate –TA who is going on maternity leave and to Kasia who is taking a year sabbatical. I know you will join me in thanking them for all their work at Millfields, and wishing them all the best and good luck for the future! Also good luck to all the children who are moving out of London to new houses and new schools –we will miss you all!

Have a great summer break, and see you on Monday 5th September. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 01 Jul 2016


We have continued the sports theme this week as the children have enjoyed taking part in a range of activities connected with the Olympics! Olympian, Dannish Walker-Khan visited the school on Tuesday to speak to the children in assemblies about the work, determination and effort that goes in to the training schedule, the taking part and the excitement of performing on the Olympic stage. Dannish himself was inspired after watching the 200m final at the London 2012 Summer Olympics Games. Amongst his main goals were to earn selection for the Great Britain team and we are hoping that we will be able to cheer him on in Rio this summer!

Today all the children who took part in Sports Days received their medal and/or certificates. Two children from each class, who have demonstrated Olympic values over the  week, were chosen by their class teacher to receive an award. Well done to all the winners and to everyone who took part in the sports days with such enthusiasm! It is the taking part and good sporting behaviour that makes it such a great event at Millfields!

As part of the Olympic focus this week, we launched the motivational speech competition in assemblies and lots of children have been putting pen to paper and writing some great pieces that will be judged in school –there will be winners in each year group and then they will be entered in to the Team GB Get Set Network to try to win a prize for their class and the school. Good luck everyone!

Later than others, Year 3 and Year 4 held their Sports Day on Monday; despite the weather, the day was a success

Well done to Rafael and Milo who took part ion the Hackney schools tennis tournament last Friday and came close runners-up! A great effort so well done to you both! Also a group of Year 5 and 6 children visited Lords Cricket Ground this week and enjoyed a master-class in learning some new skills, as well as having a good tour of the grounds.

Year 1 had a great time yesterday at the Tower Bridge Exhibition as part of their work on London and the UK. The children were very keen to tell me stories of lying on the glass floor to see the traffic and river below –very exciting!

Also this week, the KS1 and KS2 choirs took part in the annual Hackney Music Festivals held at the Round Chapel. The singing was fantastic, the younger ones definitely bringing a tear to everyone’s eyes as children from across Hackney all joined together to sing a repertoire of songs. Some of our classes also went along to watch and celebrate their friends’ achievements.

A few reminders: the Summer Fair is TOMORROW –Saturday 2nd July. We hope to see you all there to enjoy all the activities, buy some goodies, taste the amazing food that will be on sale, and to generally be part of our annual community event.

Also, please note that the school is CLOSED to pupils on TUESDAY 5th July due to strike action by one of the teachers’ unions.

Finally, Parents Evenings’ are taking place next week –Canterbury, Nottingham and Glasgow are on Monday 4th July and all other classes are on Wednesday 6th July.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 24 Jun 2016


On Monday, the speaker of Hackney, Cllr Rosemary Sales came to announce the name of the new Millfields Prime Minister.  After a very moving tribute to

Labour MP, Jo Cox –the children clapped to show their support for her work as an MP and humanitarian and to show that their thoughts are with her family and children. After thanking and congratulating all the other candidates and parties for their enthusiasm and passion about the issues, and declaring the result was a very close call, the new Prime Minister was announced!

Well done to Aasma Hajat of ‘Shooting Stars’! On hearing that she had won, Aasma said: ‘I will be the best I can be and we will strive to become a better school and a greener community.’ The out-going Prime Minster, Finlay McNally, said that he was ‘happy for her and that she seems good for the role.’ Aasma and her team ran a great campaign, and I am looking forward to working with Aasma and the new cabinet, who will be elected in the new term in September, on the ‘Shooting Stars’ school, local and national pledges.

All the children across the school really engaged with the democracy theme and took an enthusiastic and an active role in having their voice heard!

This week has also been a busy hive of activity as sports, fitness and health are all on the ‘Sports Week’ agenda! The children, across different year groups,  have all enjoyed trying lots of different sports –football, skipping, volley ball, multi-skills, archery, capoeira and orienteering. Despite the weather, we have also managed to have 3 out of 4 Sports Days! As usual the children have really enjoyed themselves –taking part and winning! Also, as usual, the parents and carers have been very competitive in their races! Thank you to all the parents and carers for their support this week. LKS2 Sports Day will now take place on Monday 27th June –Year3 and 4 should have a letter re-confirming times etc. for the day. Next week, we will be continuing the Sports Week, and trying more activities as well as focusing on the coming Olympics in Rio! I hope that lots of your children will be writing inspirational speeches to win one of our school prizes and then be entered in to the National competition as well.

Finally, it seems that Eid will now probably fall on Wednesday 6th July, which is our scheduled Parents’ Evening. For all our families marking the end ofRamadan and celebrating Eid, we will have a drop-in session on Monday 11th July –times to be confirmed. All other parents will be able to sign up as usual from the end of today.

Please remember it is the Summer Fair on Saturday 2nd July –hoping to see you all there. Also remember that school closes on Friday 15th July at 2pm.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 17 Jun 2016


What an amazing week we have had learning about democracy and the power of the people’s voice! The children have all been thinking about school, local and global issues and have been part of one of 5 parties campaigning for a new school Prime Minister! On Monday ,the children elected members of class who would then stand for Leader of their party. Party Leaders elected were: Robin Steer for People Power –Blue, Karmelle Alabi for Royals of Democracy –Orange, Suki Fitzwilliam for People have the Power -Purple, Asmaa Hajat for Shooting Stars –Green, Joseph Mattioli for Rightful Reds –Red. Each party had a Deputy and a team of supports as well as a Party Advisor working with them to work on manifesto pledges, speeches and the whole campaign. All the pupils have been busy making banners and rosettes to wear for today’s march to the Round Chapel. We literally stopped traffic, as the whole school walked down Lower Clapton Road, chanting and singing in support of their party. Shop staff came out to cheer, drivers beeped their horns, and pedestrians joined in and were very keen to ask what we were doing! One man said, ‘I wish they had done something like this when I was at school because that is why so many people now do not use their right to vote and feel they have a voice’. He congratulated staff and children.

There has also been a another, very important group of children working really hard behind the scenes this week, and that is the Millfields Press Team! They have been out and about gathering opinions and views and capturing the mood of the week, and producing a daily newspaper: Millfields Daily’ to keep us all informed. Well done to Abigail, Roisin, Oscar, Freya, Maura Mae, Rafael, and Taylor!

Good Luck to all the candidates! Voting takes place this afternoon and we will be finding out who is the new Prime Minister of Millfields on Monday 20th June , when  the new speaker of Hackney, Cllr Rosemary Sales will be coming in to make the announcement to the whole school.

Thank you to Governors, Joe Walker, Dez Veares, Allen Abramason and Hamza Yusuf for their time and support for the event this week. Thank you to teachers –Emma, Rana and Alex, and Governors -Dez and Joe who took on the role of Party Advisors,. And thank you to all the staff for being a part of an amazing week again! Finally a huge ‘thank you’ to Abbie and Lloyd for planning and organising the whole week.

As part of their curriculum this half term, Year 5 have been looking at the EU Referendum, and as part of Democracy Week they presented their work and some of the arguments for and against, to the children in a KS2 Assembly. I am sure that the children will be reminding you to vote next week –Thursday 23rd June.

Also this week, the Y6 Debating Team took part in an event at Clapton Academy against other local Hackney schools . The team have worked really hard with Kingsley and they won one and lost debate, so are through to Round 2 next week. Well done to Roisin, Charlotte, Martha, Joey, Taylor and Divyan.

Finally a reminder that the school is closed to children tomorrow for a staff training day, and also it is Sports week next week!

Have a good weekend . Best Wishes, Jane



Tue 14 Jun 2016


Democracy Week is here!


This week sees the election of the new Prime Minister of Millfields Community School. Parties have been formed and leaders have been elected. Below are some videos from our elected leaders – will they get your vote?

Asmaa Hajat

Joseph Mattioli

Karmelle Alabi

Robin Steer

Suki Fitzwilliam



Message from Headteacher

Fri 10 Jun 2016


Welcome back to everyone! It feels like we have hardly been away as it has been as busy as ever this week. Firstly, thank you to all the children and families who took part in the Science and DT competition at the end of term. We had some amazing models and creations, and it was a very hard task to choose the winners! Brilliant effort from everyone –thank you! We had a photographer here during Science and DT Week who has taken some lovely photos of the events during the week. They will be up on the website soon, and we are also having some posters made up that reflect the week’s work, that will be displayed around the school in the coming weeks.

This week Year 6 took part in a Sleep Study organised by Goldsmiths University. The children found the information session interesting and completed a survey that will feed in to the final results and findings of the survey. Year 5 will be taking part in the same research in a couple of weeks. The report will be published on the school website for everyone to read in due course.

On Wednesday, ‘Beat the Street’ got underway across Hackney. After a few technical issues with the box outside Millfields, and a few issues with some children using cards instead of the fobs –we are now up and running! Just to clarify, the fobs are for the children to use, and they are all already registered to the school, so points from using the fobs will go towards the Millfields total. The cards that you will have received are for adults to join in if they want, and they need to be registered separately. There are also prizes to be won over the next few weeks, so look out for more details soon! Let’s get using the fobs and see Millfields top the Hackney league again this year!

Yesterday, Year 6 children visited ‘Kidzania’ in Shepherds Bush. This is a great day out and was a treat for the Year 6 children after all their hard work preparing for the SAT tests this year. ( http://london.kidzania.com/ )

Also this week, we have been getting ready for ‘Democracy Week’ that starts on Monday13th June. Following on from last year, we will be having a very exciting week electing members of class, highlighting school, local, national and international issues, as well as campaigning and hustings that will see the election of a new Prime Minister. At this point, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Finlay McNally our outgoing PM, who gave a speech during assembly this week, to let the children know that he would be stepping down to make way for the new Prime Minister who will be announced on Monday 20th June by the new Speaker of Hackney Cllr Rosemary Sales.  During his time in post, Finlay has been influential in making some changes in class and around the school –most notably the creation of a changing room for the children. Let’s hope that your enthusiasm and participation in democracy events at school, continues at secondary school and beyond! Please talk to your children about elections and voting in elections and then look out for all the news and hype next week!

Following on from the Marvellous Me information session for parents/carers, we have set up a working group to discuss more about social media in schools. If you would like to get involved, please email info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk

Finally, have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane