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Message from Headteacher

Fri 05 Feb 2016


What an amazing event we had last night! Lots and lots of pupils, parents and wider school community joined the staff for an amazing evening of light projection and animation! The animation stop motion work that pupils in Year 6 have been working on during ’Creative Week’ were projected on to the school building, along with other animation and light effects that culminated in the school building literally taking off in to space! The quality of the work and the whole piece was fantastic and was accompanied by the brilliant musical skills of one of our own -music teacher, Lawrence. One parent commented that it was better than ’London Lumiere that took place across London a few weeks ago! We have captured comments and reflections from parents and pupils on camera, and one of our parents also kindly recorded the whole event, so we will be trying to get this and other videos and photos from Creative Week up on to the school website as soon as we can. Thank you to all the staff, especially our Art Lead, Rebecca, whose idea it was in the first instance, and the school-keepers –Darren, Grant and Louis for all their work getting ready for the event. Thank you also to the kitchen staff –Leea, June and Martell who provided some great food, and to the teaching staff and others who donated cakes and sold refreshments and helped supervise on the night. A great community event –thank you everyone.

Also this week, the Prime Minister, his newly-elected cabinet, and others, visited the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. The children had an amazing experience. They had a guided tour of the Abby, followed by a tour of Parliament. And amazingly, they were luck enough to actually see the real parliament in session –the real PM and the MPs were in debate that was watched by our group. Thank you to Joe Walker –parent and governor who organised the trip and to Abbie and Lloyd for making it happen! This will be an annual event for the Millfields PM and his cabinet.

On Wednesday, a group of pupils from across KS2 visited the Globe Theatre as part of an enrichment project funded and organised by Inspire. The children and 2 of our governors really enjoyed the whole experience. Also, Glasgow Class visited the tate Modern as part of an art project that their class has been taking part in. Again –a great day out and an enriching experience that compliments their work in school.

On the Sports front, well done to the cross-country team took part in a cross-borough event –and did really well considering that some are very new to the event –building teams for the future! They are very dedicated and run before school very Tuesday in preparation!

As part of the school own evaluation and monitoring, the teachers and children have been observed in class this week –topic teaching was the focus, and the children all spoke very enthusiastically about their learning in this area. Please ask them what they have learnt this week!

Thank you also to the parents who attended the SATS presentations on Tuesday. I hope you found them useful. A copy of the slides is available at main reception for those who missed it.

Finally, I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 29 Jan 2016


We have had a fantastic Creative Week! All of the classes have been working on great art projects around the them: ‘Up’, most of which will be permanent art installations around the school.

Nursery and Reception children enjoyed workshops creating art pieces on mirrors. The children had good fun and were supported by some very able Y6 pupils to create a mirrored walk way in an otherwise bare corridor. Year 1 and Year 2 had great fun walking around the school, school grounds and local area looking up,  and taking photographs of what they saw. We have some budding photographers in our midst. The photos are going to form a montage that will be assembled in to a bird and be installed somewhere around the school.

Maybe the most exciting and most talked about event of the week has been the Year 3 and Year 4 work that took the form of an alien and space 3D experience that culminated in the children producing a piece of writing using torches in the dark, and atmospheric hall. The writing produced has been amazing! Other classes also got to visit the experience, so please do ask your children about it! Year 5 have been working on creating a large spider’s web and wire-structured insects that will be installed as a permanent piece on the walls of the back playground.

And Year 6 have been very busy and excitedly creating mini films, using play scripts and writing that has been converted to a film animation on ipads. The finished pieces will form part of the ‘Up’ celebration event –outdoor film projection on the external walls of the school,. That is taking place next Thursday 4th February from 6.30pm. There will be 2 showings of the whole show so please try to come along and join in celebrating Creative Week. It is £1 entry and there will be food and drink on sale.

Also this week, some of Year 6 have started their debating training ahead of the HTSA and Linklaters’ Debating Leagues. We will be taking part in 2 separate leagues this year, so we are hoping that lots of children will have the opportunity to take part and show off their skills!

In other news this week, the Millfields Prime Minister, Finlay McNally has been assembling his first cabinet. The ‘Give More, Get More’ party met this afternoon to vote in the first cabinet. The newly assembled cabinet will be visiting the Houses of Parliament next week and hopefully meeting Hackney MP, Diane Abbot –more on the cabinet and their visit  next week.

The Governors have also been very busy in school this week. I met with the Chair of Governors as I do once every 2 weeks, to discuss any developments in the school and to look at progress against the school priorities. Hamza Patel, LEA governor and ex-Millfields pupil visited the school for a tour on Thursday. He could not believe how busy and vibrant the school was and was impressed by Year 1 pupils explaining about the Shakespeare play they are reading, Y2 explaining the plot and characters from their class text ‘Esio Trot’, a Spanish lesson in Liverpool Class and some beautiful singing in Manchester Class. And Gordon visited, as part of his Link Visit, to meet with Belen to look at the Spanish curriculum and assessment.

Also a reminder to please complete and return the data checking sheets, and look out for more information about ‘Spanish Week’ coming up 8-12th February.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 22 Jan 2016


We are at the end of another busy week that included Open Mornings for parents and carers to work with their child in class, and to get an idea of what lessons are like for their child. On Tuesday, classes from Y1-Y6 welcomed parents to take part in Maths lessons. The feedback from parents was very positive and a common comment was that the methods used and taught now are very different to those that parents themselves used at school, so it was really helpful to understand how children are taught at school, so they can be meaningfully supported in their learning at home. Also, teachers were commended for their enthusiasm, knowledge and teaching strategies, as well as their patience and skills with a range of learning and behaviour needs. On Wednesday, parents from Reception classes visited reading sessions to see how children are taught to read in the early years. Comments included a call for more communication regarding reading materials that each child is reading in school, as well as praise for the fact that such young children are being taught in very specific ability groups to ensure that each child is learning at the right level. Thank you to all the parents that attended, and if you would like to expand on comments regarding the sessions, please email info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk. There will be another opportunity this term to join your child ion class on Tuesday 1st March (Rec, Y2 . Y3 , Y4, Y5 and Y6  -Maths focus) and Wednesday 2nd March (Y1 –reading focus). If you would like to attend, please sign up at the main office a s places are limited.

We have been busy on the sporting front as well over the last week. Last Friday, our  Cycle Team took to the track again, and we rejoicing that the whole team put in a great effort, with most of the children finishing in the top 5 in their event. We are closing in on the leaders on the overall scoreboard, so well done and keep it up! We can win the league this year! On Monday UKS2 pupils took part in an inter-school hockey tournament –they played well and really enjoyed the experience. There were no winners, it was all about the taking part! Also, on Thursday, a small group of pupils took part in an inter-school Goal Ball tournament, and returned triumphantly with the gold medal. Well done to all involved in both events.

We also had a group of Swedish visitors touring the school and Children's Centre this week. They were looking at how schools in London, particularly Hackney, have improved and what has contributed to this change. They were very impressed, and have invited us back to see their schools in Sweden.

Finally, next week is Creative Week –them is ‘Up’, so your children will be working on artwork and installations for around the school building and grounds, and please keep THURSDAY 4th FEBRUARY free as the ‘Up’ Animation and Light Show is going to be spectacular –please make every effort to attend.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane



Message from Headteacher

Fri 15 Jan 2016


It is the end of a busy week at Millfields, and the children are settled back in to the routine and are all working very hard in class and out and about in the local area and beyond.  You should have received the ‘Parent Information’ letter from your child/ren’s class, but if you need a copy please ask at the main office.

All of the year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 are studying a Roald Dahl book in Literacy and there has been some amazing work produced so far on settings, characters, plots and vocabulary which means that there is some great creative writing taking place in all the classes across the school.

Reception classes visited the Planetarium at Greenwich on Tuesday and had a fantastic time looking at the amazing ’Space Safari’ show. The children have been making spacecraft in class and reading stories about space.

In Year 1 the children are learning about the local area, and after some work in class and some amazing home learning, the Y1 classes have made Hackney timelines of the area. There are some fascinating facts, and I hope we can use the displays in the school hall after so that we can all learn some of the facts, and see the brilliant junk models, drawing and maps. Well done Year 1!

Year 2 have been working hard on using money in Maths this week. They have been learning to partition numbers to help them understand the value of different amounts of money. And Leeds Class shared their work in a fantastic space-based assembly this morning –thank you and well done to you all!

In Year 3 this week, the children are beginning to learn about the Romans as part of their History topic. In Year 4, as part of their topic on China, each class took part in a Chinese dance and culture workshop. The children loved the dragon dance and concentrated very hard to move in time with their classmates to move like a dragon. As part of this topic, the children will also be learning some words in Mandarin. Year 5 have been working on their Literacy book –James and the Giant Peach, and one class was lucky enough to do some work with a local artist as part of their topic work –more on this as the project progresses. And Year 6 have been working really hard as they start revision classes in Maths and Literacy after school, and Exeter Class presented  some of their Maths knowledge in Sharing Assembly this morning. Well done to you all! And thank you Sumon for stepping in to lead the class.

Finally this week, please put the date for the Millfields Art Projection Event that is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3rd February at 6.30pm. This event will be a showcase of all the work produced during Creative Week. The theme is ’Up’ and this is to encourage our community to look up –see the world in a different way, away from screens etc . I am really looking forward to seeing all the art in action.

Wrap up warm this weekend and next week at school!

Best Wishes, Jane






Message from Headteacher

Fri 08 Jan 2016


Happy New Year to everyone, and welcome back. All the children look well-rested and ready to start this term’s learning. The children and staff have been very busy as usual this week and have started new topics and new learning journeys.

Year 2 have already been on a WOW trip to the Science Museum which is a follow-up on their Autumn topic work on ‘The Space Race’. The children were all very well behaved  and they showed great enthusiasm and interest in all the exhibits and spaceships they saw. They also really enjoyed the presentation, ‘Cosmonauts’ and the children from Nottingham Class were telling me all about it this morning. You will be receiving a letter about your child’s WOW trip in the next few weeks, so please keep an eye out and make sure that you return you letter promptly.

As many of you know, we were very sad to see two of our staff members leave at the end of last term. Saska, South London Nursery Class teacher, moved on to manage the local Forest School, which has always been his passion and was developed by Saska at Millfields. I know you will join us in wishing Saska all the very best in his new role and I am sure that we will be seeing him again in his new role as he will hopefully work with Millfields on further developing our Forest School. We also said goodbye to Heidi, who most of you had contact with at least once a week. Heidi has also returned to her first love and passion –teaching and secured a job in a Y5 class in a school nearer home. Again, I know you will want to thank Heidi for her time here and wish her all the very best for the future. We have welcomed Bistra to the Nursery team and Shelly-Ann to the Admin team. I know you will make them very welcome.

As it is the beginning of the new school year and we are all making new year resolutions, please can I remind you about some of the Millfields school rules and expectations:

1.All children must wear school uniform and appropriate school shoes or boots. Hoodies and tops/jumpers that are not school uniform are not permitted, and your child will bring a letter home to let you know if this is the case. Please also make sure that your child has a coat that is both warm and protects them from the rain as if there is a slight rain/drizzle, your child will still be going outside for some of playtime to make sure they get some fresh air every day.

2. All pupils must bring a change of clothes for PE –this can be a black/navy shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a change of shoes, and a white or blue t-shirt. PE is part of the curriculum and children must be dressed appropriately.

3. Sweets, chewing gum and chocolate are not allowed in school for snacks or in packed lunches. Please can you make sure that your child does not bring any in, and in some cases, please ensure that your child is not stopping at a shop on the way to school to buy these things

4. Mobile phones are not permitted to be brought to school.

5. Reporting an absence –please make sure that if your child is ill, you call the school and leave a clear message on the dedicated absence line –option number 1, stating the full name of your child, their class, the reason for absence and the expected return date. This is very important as we are responsible for notifying the local authority if we have not had correspondence about a child's absence or if a child moves school.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Best Wishes, Jane



Message from the Headteacher

Sun 03 Jan 2016


Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2016

Term starts for children in the school and Children's Centre on TUESDAY 5th JANUARY.


Message from Headteacher

Fri 11 Dec 2015


We started this week with a traditional pantomime for the children in Years 1-6. The  pantomime, Mother Goose was a great success and got the school started off with it’s end of term celebrations.

Also, this week, we have thoroughly enjoyed the Year 2 Nativity Plays this week. Well done to Leeds, Nottingham and Derby classes who put on a great performance. Brilliant costumes, beautiful singing and great acting. Thank you to the class teachers and support staff and to Roz and the music team, and of course the children (and parents!) for all your hard work in learning the songs and lines and for the costumes. I hope you also saw that we made it on the BBC National News  at 6 –the report was about religion in schools and they wanted to show the multi-faith Millfields community taking part in a Nativity Play. The were also shots of the school choir singing in preparation for the many performances that they will be doing next week.  Catch us on iplayer if you didn't see it.

Also this week, the children from the Children Centre held their Winter Concert in the school hall. The children and about 100 parents, squashed in and enjoyed a lovely celebration.

On Monday, some of our most keen Year 5 and Year 6 chess players went to the schools London Schools Chess Classic Tournament at Olympia. They had the opportunity to watch some of the Chess Masters, and then had fun playing games and learning new skills against children from other schools. Millfields was the only state primary school represented so well done to all the children involved.

We had  a special assembly for  Years 4, 5 and 6 on Tuesday –we celebrated the Jewish festival, Chanukah. The children listened to a presentation about the festival and learnt about the celebrations and traditions. Obviously the most exciting part was the traditional doughnut that was given out at the end of the assembly. Happy Chanukah to al out  Jewish families.

Today is the Christmas Fair, so thank you for all the support and help from the many parents and staff who have helped to get organised so far. I hope to see you all there later. There are still raffle tickets left and the main prizes include an ipad mini and a John Lewis Hamper.

Also today, our cycling team have been to the 3rd cycling event of the term –al roller race. The team are really doing well, and I am sure they will return later with news of a successful afternoon. Thank you as ever to the parents who regularly support the cycling events . And a Year 5 Literacy Group visited the Tricycle Theatre this morning to round off their work this term.

This afternoon, one child from each class went, with Katherine and I, to Maeve’s Kitchen on Lower Clapton Road as the treat for ’Always Good’ this half term. Thank you as ever to the team at Maeve’s Kitchen for their generosity. Well done to all the children –keep up the good work and great behaviour!

Next week all the classes will be taking part in their Class Winter Concerts. They will be taking place at St James Church who have been fantastic as ever in supporting Millfields. We will be having  a collection at the end of the concert to present to the church at the end of the week.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best wishes, Jane