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Message from the headteacher

Fri 02 Oct 2015


Well what an exciting Maths week we’ve had this year. It was fantastic to see so many interesting and varied ways to use Maths. Many congratulations have to go to the star bakers in year 6 who put together a cupcake stall yesterday to raise money for UNICEF. Not only did their cupcakes have to look and taste great, they also had to be profitable. It was a hotly fought contest with the winning team making a profit of £31. The ultimate winners though are UNICEF and all the lucky people who got to eat cupcakes.

Year 5 visited Lloyds Bank in the City today learning loads about maths and banking. Even nursery got involved, using Maths week as a good reason to go shopping and make sandwiches. A big thank you must go to Keli for organising the week and all the parents and carers who visited the school and shared how they use Maths in their work. We love when we have people come and share with us and are always looking for people to visit. Even if you can only give a few minutes it makes all the difference to the children.

It’s not over yet! Maths week homework is due on Monday. Just write, draw, model, photograph etc how you use maths at home to give to your child’s teacher on Monday. Remember also that we are an official branch (deposit only) of the London Community Credit Union. The bank is entirely run by some year 6 children and is open every Wednesday morning. Application forms are available in the front office if you are interested in signing up. Next week is shaping up to be another busy one as well.

Monday is school photo day. We look forward to seeing the children looking their best , in their smartest school uniform, ready for their individual  and sibling photos. Details about the day are inside this mag.

We also have a Rec, Year 1 and year 2 parents' workshop about early reading on Tuesday at 9:30. This is your opportunity to learn a little more about how to support your child’s reading at home with lots of hints and tips to make reading fun. Just sign up in the office if you are interested in attending.

Wednesday is no pens day. We participate in this every year. It’s a way of encouraging and extending speaking and listening in learning and always results in very interesting ways of marking the register!

I’ve enjoyed hearing about all the children tapping away in the beat the street game. Millfields is going really well but have just slipped into second place overall (still first in Hackney though). There are hundreds of boxes available in Hackney and the surrounding areas including the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and every journey helps add to our total. Just remember to tap 2 different boxes within an hour to get your points.

Finally, I would like to welcome back Naomi who has just rejoined us for the year. I know the children have missed working with her and are happy to see her again.

Have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 25 Sep 2015


Firstly, a belated Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim families . I hope you all enjoyed the celebrations with family and friends yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who donated food and/or made cash donations to our Save the Children -’Help for Syria’ campaign last Friday. Thank you to all the parents who helped on the stall .We have counted £585 so far and we are still accepting donations, so thank you very much to the Millfields community. Thank you also to staff and parents who brought cakes in today and donated money to the Macmillan Coffee morning. Thanks to Rana, Terry, Marcella and Tilishia for organising the event!  And, well done to Emma –teacher in Liverpool Class for winning the ‘guess the number of balls on the cake’ competition! There were 565! I am always amazed at the continued generosity and good will of our wonderful community, so thank you once again. Please look out for the leaflet regarding Harvest Festival Collections that will be starting next week –all dry food goods gratefully received for local Hackney Food Bank.

We held a very successful parent/carer phonics workshop on Tuesday. I hope that all the parents who cam along found it useful –we would welcome any feedback so please let us know what else you would like to learn about at workshops. The next workshop is on the 6th October and will be looking at Early Reading –please join us if you can. Also, on Wednesday 7th October, we have the Early Years Parents’ Social Event. This is held in the evening for adults only, and is an opportunity for new parents and carers to meet, and for you to speak with teaching staff in a more informal setting. There will be more information coming soon.

The children have all been very busy in and out of class this week. Y5 visited the British Museum on Monday to look at the exhibition on Anglo Saxons, and the children all returned enthused about their topic work. Oxford Class shared their topic work to date in their class Sharing Assembly today –we were treated to a fantastic African class dance, and learnt lots of facts about Oxford. Well done Oxford Class!

There has also been great excitement around the ‘Beat the Street’ initiative that started this week. ‘Beat the Street’ is a new walking initiative for children and adults –it is a part of a National Charity Partnership, which sees Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco working together to help millions of people to be healthier. Every child should have already received a Beat the Street card and a map,  and envelope called ‘Invitation to Play’. Players earn points and win prizes by tapping special cards onto sensors known as Beat Boxes as you walk, cycle or scoot around. The Beat Boxes are placed on lamp posts around the area –tap the one outside school, but remember that you need to tap another one before you get home to register your journey! There are individual and school prizes for staff, parents and pupils. Go Millfields!

Finally, Millfields will be part of the Hackney Jumble Trail tomorrow –so if you are in the area, pop in to see if you can pick up a bargain.

Finally, have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 18 Sep 2015


I can hardly believe that we have only been back for just under 3 weeks, as so much seems to have happened! Millfields children have been very busy in and out of class again with Y4 classes visiting the British Museum as part of their topic work on Egypt, and Y5 travelling all the way to Sutton Hoo in Suffolk to learn more about their topic on Saxons and Vikings. The children have all come back talking about their experiences that have certainly brought history alive for them. The aim is to inspire and enthuse the children, which helps to enrich and extend their learning in class. We will be looking at their topic books at the end of half term to see what they have learnt and how they are developing their skills for learning.

Last Sunday, a group of the Millfields choir took part in the multi-schools choir as part of the annual Thames Festival. The children and their parents enjoyed the experience and then had the opportunity to wander around all the stalls and entertainment along the Southbank. Thank you to Roz and the choir for their enthusiasm and dedication to this event.

Also this week, some of our governors joined then children for school lunch. They enjoyed lovely homemade Shepherd’s Pie and vegetables, with semolina, fruit salad or cheese and biscuits for dessert. Thank you to Leea and her team for preparing and serving around 500 school dinners every day! If you would like to sample some of Leea’s delicious recipes, please join us for Pop Up: Caribbean Night,  next Friday 25th September from 7pm. There is a four course meal on offer with music and entertainment until late. Tickets are £20 from the main office.

We also held our first E-safety Steering Group meeting for this term on Monday –this group is made up of staff and governors but we are also looking for any interested parents -2 maximum, to join us. The aim of the committee is to ensure that we are equipping both staff and children with the tools and knowledge to stay safe online, and to discuss and respond to relevant topical internet and e-safety issues. Please speak to or email Jane if you are interested in finding out more.

Wednesday was National TA Day –a day designed to celebrate all the fantastic work that all our support staff do in school. The children all spoke about the help and support, and care that they receive from the TAs both in the class, around school, at after-school clubs and in the playground at Millfields, in a special assembly.  Thank you from us all for all the work that you all do every day!

Finally, thank you to both Dundee and Manchester classes for the first Sharing Assemblies of the year –both were fantastic considering we have only been back at school for a couple of weeks. Thank you to all the staff and children.

I hope that you will be supporting us at the After-school Food sale today as all proceeds will be going to the ‘Save the Children –Help for Syria’ campaign. Thank you to all who have donated food and those who helped on the stall.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane



Message from the Headteacher

Fri 11 Sep 2015


At the end of the first full week back in school, the summer holidays already seem like a distant memory! The children have all been very busy in class, getting used to new class and year group routines and expectations, as well as taking part in lots of exciting activities for the start of their topic work.

Yesterday Year 1 classes enjoyed a day out at Whipsnade Zoo. They chose the right day for the weather, and all have reported that they had a fantastic time looking at lots of different animals and environments to help them with this term's science topic on animals. Year 6 also went on a trip this week to Cadburys' World in Bourneville. This trip included a talk on the Mayans and the origins of chocolate as the Year 6 topic this term is the Mayans. Year 4 are visiting the British Museum on Monday, and the other year groups will be taking part in trips over the next few weeks, so please talk to your child about their learning experiences as this will support them in their class work too.

Thank you to the many parents who have already contributed £10 to the cost of all the WOW trips that take place across the school year. if you have not yet made a payment, we are still accepting your contributions at the main office.

Also this week, as part of 'National Fitness Day', children in Year 4 and Year 5 took part in a range of sporting activities at the Kings Hall Leisure Centre. The children reported that they loved trying the new things like the rowing machine and running machine, as well as learning about boxing and doing a round of circuits. There is more information on the Junior Gym and other sessions for children in the Mag.

Although we have only been in school for 8 days, there is already a large pile of lost property, mainly jumpers, cardigans and PE bags, but also a couple of brand new coats, in the Lost Property Box (the big yellow box near the main school entrance). Please can I ask you to please put names in any items of clothing that might be taken off during the school day, and also, please have a look in the box if your child has lost anything. The lost property will be on display in the playground each Friday, and if un-named and unclaimed will either be recycled for second hand school uniform or sent to a charity shop on a weekly basis. Thanks for your support and cooperation with this.

Thank you to all the parents and carers in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 who have attend 'Welcome Meetings' this week. I hope you have found them useful. If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like some of the information handed out, please ask at the main office or look on the school website from next week. Next week -Monday 14th September for Y5 and Tuesday 15th September for Y6.

Finally,I hope that some of you will be joining us for Caribbean Night on Friday 25th September. There is a 4 course meal, a steel pan band and music for dancing! Tickets are £20 from the main office.

I hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy what might be the last of the sunshine for a while.

Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 04 Sep 2015


Welcome back to everyone in the Millfields community -pupils, children and staff. And a special welcome to all our new Nursery and Reception children and parents, and other new starters throughout the school. I hope you have had a good break, and enjoyed time with friends and family.

Welcome also, to all our new staff, Kate, Joy, Celeste and Alice -teachers, Penny and Judyann -trainee teachers, and -support staff -Steve, Tassadit, Katarzyna, Isabelle, Victoria, Adele and Sham.

Congratulations to Assistant Head -Vicky who gave birth to a lovely baby boy, Samuel on 14th August.

I hope that your child is reporting that they are happy and settled in their new classes with their new teachers. If there are any issues please speak to the class teacher in the first instance or catch me at the school gates in the morning or at the end of the day. Or speak to one of us at the ‘Welcome meetings ‘next week. The dates and times are on the website, and in this Mag.

The Year Group welcome meetings are an opportunity for you to meet your child/ren's new teacher and find out what they will be learning in school and how you can support them at home. There will also be a Curriculum Booklet sent home at the end of next week.

Thank you to all of you - parents and carers for making such a great effort with school uniform. All of the children are looking rested and refreshed, and extremely smart in their new uniforms. A reminder letter about school uniform with a few amendments went out yesterday. Please make sure that children are wearing dark-coloured, sensible shoes, and no tops with hoods please.

In welcome back assemblies, we talked about the year ahead, and encouraged the children to set their own goals for this year. The children all showed that they were eager to move on the the next stage of their learning by sharing that they, 'want to get better at spelling', 'make my handwriting better', 'try harder in science lessons', 'be a good helper to my friends', 'make friends with new children in my class' and 'try my best at all times' -just a few of the comments that were made. At the end of last term, we asked all the children to think about future hopes, dreams and aspirations, which they wrote this down during Transition Day. Each child's thought will be part of our 'Aspirations Tree' that will be ready in the main foyer very soon.

All the classes from Years 1-6 have been busy already, learning about the UK city that their class is named after, as well as creating their own Class Charter based on the rights of the child that we advocate as a Rights Respecting School. The children have also taken part in an class activity to launch their new topic -some have been on treasure hunts in and out of the school, taken part in archaeological digs in class, and Y5 even met a real Viking!

Please remember to look for information on the school noticeboards, the school website, via text or email, as well as on the Millfields Mag.  If you have not let the office know your email address or you have changed your mobile phone number please let them know asap.

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Class Welcome Meetings 2015

Mon 17 Aug 2015


At the beginning of each academic year, there is a Year Group meeting for parents and carers with children in Years 1-6. This is an opportunity to meet your child's teacher and to find out about what your children will be learning this year, as well as some of the class and school routines and expectations. The teachers will also let you know how and when is best to contact them. The Literacy and Maths Coordinators will also be present, as well as the Inclusion Manager, to answer any questions you may have.

All meetings will take place in the bottom hall. The meeting times are below:

Welcome Meetings

Tuesday 8th September at 3pm -Year 1

Wednesday 9th September at 3pm -Year 2

Thursday 10th September at 3pm -Year 3

Friday 11th September at 3pm -Year 4

Monday 14th September at 3pm -Year 5

Tuesday 15th September at 3pm -Year 6

*Reception Classes will have a meeting later in the term once the children have settled as the parents and pupils have all had home visits. T

Autumn Term PARENTS EVENING: Wednesday 18th November 2015


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 17 Jul 2015


What an amazing year –and all over already! We have had so many amazing events, successes and celebrations this year! Thanks to all the children, staff, parents and the wider community for all your support –none of the amazing things that happen at Millfields could happen without all of you. The Millfields School community is something special, and I hope we can continue in September and do it all again and more!

There have been so many great events and so many curriculum learning highlights; runners-up for the Saatchi Art Award, Democracy Week, Speaking and Listening Week, Rock Bands, Choir Concerts, Spanish Week, Diversity Week, Book Week, Den-building day in Early Years, Sports Week including other sporting successes in cycling, football, swimming, basketball, tennis, rugby, becoming an expert centre for the Global Learning Partnership, as well as being recognised as an Ashoka, Change-maker school. There are too many to list! We have also introduced our Pop-Up evenings and held a successful Burns; Night and Bollywood Night. Look out for more next year! Our ‘Always Good’ awards have been great fun this year, and non-uniform days have allowed us to raise money for the school, as well as Cancer Research, Save the Children and local charities. We have donated foods to the Hackney Food Bank and the Salvation Army, as well as donating money to the local church who always lend us their building to hold our musical events. We are looking forward to the same and more next year. Thank you for all your support.

As always we are very sad to see all the children in Year 6 get ready to move on to the next stage in their educational journey. This group of Year 6 children have certainly left lots of memories for staff and children. The end of year performance of ‘Bugsy Malone’ certainly defined the kind of year group they have been. The show was brilliant –great staging, costumes, acting, singing and most of all good humour and fun. This year group has been very accepting of new children, inclusive of all and have worked extremely hard this year and exceeded all our expectations at the end of KS2. All of the children have become confident and articulate; there have been lots of big personalities and quiet talented individuals in many fields –writers, actors, singers, musicians, sportsmen and women, ambassadors and entrepreneurs! We will definitely hear some of your names again in the future, of that I am sure. There are definitely politicians, business men and women, authors, journalists, musicians, dancers, artists, teachers and lawyers among you! Remember –make sure your voice is heard and be the best that you can be! Well done –we are going to miss you all!

A reminder that we have sent a couple of letters out this week—a new school uniform policy that will be available on the school website in the next few days. Also, we are  hoping to use Tesco as an additional supplier in September so look out for more details. We also sent a letter about trip costs, so we hope that you agree that you are able to make a contribution in September. Thanks as ever for your challenge and support with new initiatives and policies.

And last, but certainly not least, we are again, saying a goodbye and a huge ‘thank you’ to some members of staff who are moving on to many varied and exciting ventures in the UK and the rest of the world! Farewell to teachers –Hellin and Alison, and to support staff –Faye, Jesse, Emily and Lily. I know you will join me in thanking them for all their work at Millfields, and wishing them all good luck for the future!

Happy Eid to all our Muslin children and families –we hope you enjoy the day celebrating with family.

Have a great summer break, and see you on Wednesday 2nd September. Best Wishes, Jane