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Message from Headteacher

Fri 26 Mar 2021


I cannot believe that we are now at the end of the penultimate week of the Spring term. Since all the children came back into school on 8th March, time has just flown by, and we are almost back to business as usual!

This week, I have had the pleasure of reading some fantastic writing from all classes across the school. There really are some very talented writers at Millfields, and they are so very proud of what they have achieved. Keep up the good work everyone!
On Monday children in Tarrant Class and other classes across the school, marked World Down's Syndrome Awareness day, which took place on Sunday 21st March. The children wore odd socks to mark the occasion.
This week, children in Y1 and Y2 have enjoyed some very interactive and exciting drama workshops. Their faces and laughter indicated that they all had a great time. Nursery and reception children will have their workshops after the Easter break.
As usual, we will be holding our annual 'Easter Egg' raffle next week. There will be tickets on sale at each gate every day, and the winners will be announced and eggs awarded before the end of the school day on Thursday. Tickets are 50p and there are at least 10 eggs to win! You have to be in it to win it!
Also on Thursday 1st April next week, we will be asking all the children and staff to wear something blue as we mark 'Autism Awareness' week. One in every 100 children in the UK is autistic, and at Millfields we are proud to include many children with autism in all our classes. Our children are all amazing at supporting each other and celebrate differences together. This week is an opportunity to celebrate as well as encourage awareness. Autism is a lifelong disability which affects how people communicate and interact with the world, and at Millfields we aim to make sure that our children are given the best foundations for our children to prepare them for the next stage in their journey. Thanks for your support.
Importantly, I need to reiterate some of the messages that I have sent home to certain year groups this week, but that do in fact apply to all the children and their families. Please can we all remember to be respectful to our neighbours around the school on both Elmcroft Street and Hilsea street. Please do not sit on, climb on, swing on fences, walls or gates, and do not drop litter around the area. Please also be mindful that even though we are a designated Safer School Streets zone, that residents are able to drive in and out at any time, and unfortunately some of them have to leave for their place of work at school drop off time. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
Finally, we will be holding a Parent Governor Election in the first weeks after the Easter break, so if you want to find out more about what the governors do and would consider putting yourself forward for this role, there will be information sessions and governors on the school gates next week to ask. More information to follow via email.
I hope you have a peaceful weekend. Take care, keep well and stay safe.


Message from Headteacher

Fri 19 Mar 2021


What a wonderful Friday it is as the sun is shining and the school is filled with laughter as we have all dressed up as Superheroes' for 'Red Nose Day' 2021! Thank you to the children and staff for really getting into the spirit of the day, and celebrating the day by dressing up! There were all the usual  superheroes, Spiderman, Superwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman, but this year, there were also lots of 'Super teachers', 'Super' children, and Super NHS workers! We are celebrating the greatness and the superpowers that we all have! Days like these really lift the spirits and the sense of joy and well-being around the school was amazing!

We have sold more than 600 red noses, and have raised an additional £450 plus for Comic Relief. Thank you so much to everyone for their generosity!

This week, we have also marked the fact that this coming Sunday 21st of March is Census Day. The last census was in 2011. To mark the event, Millfields hosted a ‘Let’s Count! Day’ in each year group and took part in the Let’s Count! competition. By taking part, the children developed their maths and geography skills, while also learning about the importance of the census and how the information it collects helps shape the society we live in. Each class decide what they would count, how they would collect the data, and then created graphs and artwork for a wall display. Things being counted included types of transport, recycling and waste facilities, types of houses and animals to name a few. The whole school display will be entered into a competition to win £1000 of equipment for the school. Thanks to all the children and staff, and to Emma for preparing and organising the lessons for us all!

Also this week, we did celebrate St Patrick's Day, even though due to covid restrictions, we really missed listening to the beautiful music and watching the fantastic dancing from the St Patrick's Day Troupe, but there were lots of children talking fondly about previous years, hopefully we will see them again next year again!

We also welcomed back the Cycling League competition to Millfields this week! The cyclists from Y4, Y5 and Y6 completed time trials on the roller bikes. It was a really quick session of racing, and all of the riders were excellent, and those who hadn’t done it before or were very nervous about it definitely gained confidence through the morning. All had a chance to have 3 500m timed races.Well done everyone, and thanks to Remi,Vivienne and Pia for stepping in at the last minute to give it a go! Thank you as always to our super parents - Paul, Alistair and Andrew for organising and running the session!

Finally, Year 1 and Year 2 classes also enjoyed taking part in drama workshops earlier this week. I think we have some budding actors in our midst!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the outdoors and have a good rest!

Take care, keep well and stay safe.



Message from Headteacher

Fri 12 Mar 2021


It has been so fantastic having all the children back in school and seeing all of the parents and families at the gates. The children were so excited as we welcomed them all in on Monday morning! The bunting was out and the smiles were radiant!

It now feels like we have never been away as the transition back to the school day and school routine, for the vast majority of the children, has gone really well. The children have been so excited to play with their friends again, and to share experiences with their classmates about their time away from school, as well as eager to start their collaborative learning again in class.

The children loved the 'Lockdown Learning' displays in class, so thank you for helping the teachers to select work to display, and they have really enjoyed getting back to the routine of learning new things and recapping on previous learning. Some of the things that I have seen on my daily walkabout school this week; Year 3 have been writing some great Information Booklets on the Romans, Y4 have been working hard on fractions in Maths; Y2 have written some great letters; Y5 have been enjoying their PE at the park; Y1 have been reading and doing work around the brilliant book, 'The Jolly Postman'; Y6 have been making models of meandering rivers; Reception have been working so hard on their phonics and reading; and the nursery children have been 'making magic bubbles'! So it's back to business as usual!

Next Friday, 19th March, is Comic Relief -Red Nose Day, and we are asking everyone to dress up as a 'Superhero'! Look out and/or get your costumes made this weekend! There will be a £1 donation on the gate please. Also, red noses are on sale from today until next Friday at each school gate. They are £1.50, and there are 10 noses to collect!

Thank you, as always to all the parents who generously continue to donate to the Millfields Food Bank. I know that some of you have involved the local community in collecting for us, so many many thanks. We are open every Thursday for any families in need. We need some of the following items please: toiletries including shower gel, toilet roll, fruit juice, squash, biscuits, tins of tuna, sardines & salmon. And anything else!

Finally, please have a good rest this weekend everyone, as I know that the children will be very tired at the end of this week as they complete a whole week back in school! Try to get outdoors for some fresh air and fingers crossed there is no rain!

'Happy Mother's Day' to all the mums out there -hope you have a rest too!

Take care, keep well and stay safe.



Message from Headteacher

Fri 05 Mar 2021


Well let's hope that this wasthe last week of remote home learning! The children and you, all the fami-lies, have been brilliant! You have worked with us and supported your childand the staff to get the very best out of learning over the last 8 weeks. The staff are all very excited and very much looking forward to welcoming the children and parents/carers back on Monday 8th March!

We have been busy today getting the school organised and ready! The staff have prepared resources and planned the lessons and activities for next week, and for the rest of this term to hopefully make the transition back to the classroom, as smooth as possible. The school has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Thank you for sending in your 'best' and 'favourite' lockdown work for our class displays -they are looking great and will remind you of your time at home! Again, if your child or you would like to speak to us about any worries or concerns about returning to school, or anything else about home learning or other issues, please email info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk or talk to one of SLT at the school gates. We want to help in any way we can! In school, the children can speak to any trusted adult, and of course can find Debi in the Well-being Shed.

We are trying to get back to some sort of normality from the start, so we will be straight in and getting on with the learning. We will be continuing to encourage less screen time, and will be trying to spend more time outdoors, including a whole school 'Outdoor morning' before Easter. We have also got 'Red Nose Day' coming up and a few other events and activities to bring the enrichment and fun back to learning in school. Then, we are hoping that the summer term will be a little bit more like our usual summer term, but we will see!

Please remember to bring the White Rose Maths books, writing journals, and any laptops and chargers into school on Monday. We will be lining up and using the same entrances as we did in the Autumn term - please try to drop off and leave quickly, and wear a face-mask.

I hope you have shared the news about the half term Photography Competition winners that were sent via email yesterday! Again, well done to everyone that took part, and congratulations to the winners - Bua, Minnie, Rohan, Vivien and Emily!

Have a lovely weekend.

Take care, keep well and stay safe.




Message from Headteacher

Mon 22 Feb 2021


What a lovely day to finish the week with the sun shining! The sunshine certainly brings a smile to everyone’s face and a spring to our step! I hope you all had a lovely half term break, and ‘well done’ and thank you again for getting back in to the swing of home learning!

Only one more week of home learning and then we will all be back in school togetheragain! I know that the children will be very excited to see their friends and teachers again,and we are all very excited and looking forward to seeing all of the children, and you the parents, too! We know that you have all been trying so hard to keep up with your learning at home and we are going to make the transition back in to school as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, all of the teachers will be using some of the timeon the first day back to talk to the children and have a well-being/circle time session. However, please do reiterate that the children can talk to any member of staff at any time if they need to about anything at all!

You should have received the Parent Information Booklet today via email and this has all the information for the arrangements for returning to school on Monday 8th March. Please check the document carefully. Please also make sure that your child comes back to school with their White Rose Maths book, writing journal if they have one, and any other resources, and if they borrowed a laptop/iPad/Kindle Fire and charger, please bring that back too!

Our last week of home learning is a fun one as it is Book Week and we will be celebratingWorld Book Day on Thursday 11th March by dressing up in the usual way! There will be online zoom sessions and activities as usual on Monday - Thursday, based on a range oflovely books and stories, and then on Friday, there will be optional sessions provided on Google Classroom including an online pantomime. All of the staff will be in school on Friday to plan and prepare learning and the classrooms, so that they are ready for everyone to return to face-to-face learning on the following Monday.

Also, please remind your child about the RE Calendar Competition and the Show Racism the Red Card art and creative writing competition. More information about these weresent via email.

Finally, have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Take care, keep well and stay safe. Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 12 Feb 2021


Dear parents and carers,

HURRAH! It's half term! Well done everyone -we made it!!

I hope you have all had a good week taking part in all the Hispanic Week activities -feedback from children, parents/carers and staff has been so positive! I think the change to our usual more creative selves has been a breath of fresh air and a much needed break from the routine, so thank you everyone for embracing it and having some fun!

I have loved seeing all the art work, the writing, the lovely food created, the videos, the singing and dancing! There are so many photos in the Mag this week for all your amazing week -thank you for sharing!

I have also loved seeing all the amazing food that you have been cooking as part of the Hackney School of Food  weekly online cookery sessions. I made the cheese and spinach scones myself this week -they were delicious! There is another lesson this Wednesday, learning how to make pasta! Look out for the recipe and link.

The Millfields Food Bank continues to be a huge success and obviously much-needed by some of our families, so thank you for your very generous donations that keep coming! We will also be collecting any reading books that you no longer need in your house to give to some of our families too, so if you are having a tidy-out over half term, please save any books for the school! Thank you also to all the parent helpers who are distributing Maths books and journals -thank you! As always, I feel proud to be a part of this very special, kind and caring Millfields community.

So, we are finally at the end of half term! Thank you and well done to all of you -children and parents/carers for working so hard, sticking with the remote learning, making sure you are on Zoom lessons, uploading work to Google Classroom and being so brilliant! It has been challenging at times, sometimes tiring, hard work too but also lots of fun! Thank you for all doing your very best every day! Please now take some time to rest, get outdoors in the fresh air and stay off the screens for a week!

we have got a couple of competitions that your child may want to get involved with, so look out on emails and Google Classroom for the Hackney RE Calendar competition and also the Millfields Half-term Photography competition. I am already looking forward to seeing some of the entries for this!

I am sure we will all be keeping a close eye on the news and any government announcements regarding lifting lockdown and full re-open of schools, so, as I have said previously, as soon as we know what the Prime Minister's plans are, we will be able to make our own plans at Millfields to make sure that we are able to open up in a safe and meaningful way for our children, and then let you know!

Finally, we are sadly saying goodbye to some of our families who are moving out of London over half term -we will miss all of you, and hope you stay in touch! Good luck!

Please remind yourselves of the lockdown rules -wear facemasks, stay socially distanced  -2 metres apart and wash your hands regularly!

Take care, keep well and stay safe.


Message from Headteacher

Fri 05 Feb 2021


Another big 'WELL DONE' to all of you for the brilliant work and amazing creations this week! You are all doing so well, and we - all of the staff,are so proud of all the children and all that they achieve every day! We greatly appreciate all the support and guidance that you as parents and carers are giving your children too! I hope that you are all still coping with all the pressures of remote learning, working from home, online shops etc.!

It is 'Children and Mental Health Week' this week, and we are so pleased that so many of you as individuals and families have used our 'Well-being' menu and spent some time just relaxing, finding time to do your own thing, being creative and reflecting. We loved all the photos that you sent in! Keep looking after your mental health and well-being!

*Look out for details of our half term photo competition next week!

Remember, it is so important for all of us to have that bit of time for ourselves away from all the pressures and challenges of the outside world! I have read, and intend to keep reading again and again, anamazing book this week, 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' by Charlie Mackesy. It is described as 'A book for everyone whether you're eighty or eight' and 'A book of hope for uncertain times'. I would highly recommend it for so many reasons, so please try to get a copy ifyou can and share with everyone!

Next week is another busy week, and if we were all in school, we would be enjoying lots of fun, laughter and learning as part of Hispanic Week, so please let's all do the same but from home! Your child's class teacher should send you an overview of the week, and this will also include resources that your child may need, so please include them on your shopping list this weekend! If your child receives
free school meals, and you need ingredients for the cooking sessions, please contact the office on

Another big 'thank you; to everyone who has donated food to the Millfields’ Food Bank -this is working really well and all our families who are accessing it are so grateful for thehelp! This will be one of the things that we will continue when we are out of lockdown! As you may be aware, the children learning to play musical instruments have continued via Zoom this term. I know that it is probably not very easy at all, but thank you to Tom, Celia, Jack and Lawrence for making it happen! Only a few exams have taken place this term and I am delighted to congratulate Agnes who passed her Grade 1 violin exam with merit! Well done!

Finally, we are sadly saying goodbye to our brilliant student, Dunya, who has been working in Year 1 and mainly with Whiteread Class. We hope you have learnt lots from us - certainly a teaching practice like no other! We want to say thank you, and wish youall the very best of luck for the future! Thankyou also to Zara who has been volunteering in Reception for a couple of weeks and left yesterday!

Please have a good weekend, and wrapup warm as I believe there may be some more snow on the way!

Take care, keep well and stay safe.