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Message from Headteacher

Fri 01 Mar 2024



It has been another busy and very wet week at Millfields!!

Y3 Annapurna Class have continued with their daily swimming lessons that are part of the millfields curriculum. Daily, longer sessions over 10 days have a really positive impact on the children's confidence and swimming ability. Well done to all of Ararat and Annapurna children, and a reminder that Fuji children will be starting their swimming lessons next week.

We had our termly visit from the local authority this week. On Wednesday, Manjit Dulay visited Millfields and looked at different areas across the school and spoke to leaders and children. Manjt spent a few hours in Nursery and Reception, she looked at writing books from across the years, and spoke to the RE Lead about our curriculum that we are further developing. Thank you to all the children and staff for welcoming Manjt to Millfields!

This week has also been a very busy week for sports competitions. On Tuesday, the Y6 girls and boys football teams took part in the next round of the inter-schools competition, and both teams had a mixture of wins and draws (and one loss!). Well done to all the children involved. Thank you to Izaac and Steve for organising. Also on Tuesday, it was the boys & girls Cross Country meeting. Evie won 3 out of her four races, with Marley coming first and second out of her four. Whilst the boys didn't win any races, Axl was pushed up to 5th place, and Oliver and Ivaldino did really well with their overall placings -all good points for the league table. Well done everyone. Thank you to Dudley for organising and taking the children.

On Thursday, the Millfields cricket team, representing Hackney, went to Lords for a semi-finals meet in the London-wide William Greaves Trophy indoor cricket tournament, hoping to emulate their predecessors from two years ago. The children had a great day out and tried hard but were ultimately beaten on the day. Thank you Izaac again! For more information on all the sports competitions, please read Izaac's report.
Next week is 'Book Week', and Thursday 7th March is World Book Day, so please come to school dressed up as a character from your favourite book! Remember to re-use and upcycle! Spend as little as possible and be as creative as possible! We also have reading Breakfasts for children in Nursery, Reception Y1 and Y2 -see your emails for more information about these sessions where you can read with your child. And we have a great competition this year: 'Story in a Jar' Competition -capture the magic of your favourite book in a glass jar -again see emails for more information.

Then Friday 8th March is International Women's Day and as well as marking the day with the children, we will be talking about this in the context of books and strong female characters!

We also have Red Nose Day coming up on Friday 15th March, so we will be dressing in red and wearing red noses that day. There are red noses on sale from school -at the main gate each night, or from the school office, or also on sale at Amazon.

Finally, a reminder that we are still collecting food every week for the Millfields Food Stall (open on Thursdays 9am - 3:45pm). Please drop any food items at the main office any day before Thursday. We always need fresh fruit and vegetables, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, tinned fruit and tinned fish, fresh eggs, pasta and lentils, but anything you can donate is gratefully received!

Have a peaceful weekend, and share some time with family and friends. Hoping for some sunshine! Take care, keep well and stay safe. Jane



Message from Headteacher

Fri 23 Feb 2024


It has been a very busy week as we welcomed children and their families into the school to visit the Art Exhibition on Wednesday evening.  'Creative Week' was combined with 'Children's Mental Health Week' and the theme was 'My Voice Matters'!  All the brilliant work produced throughout the week before half term culminated in our wonderful exhibition. Every child created something that represented their beliefs, aspirations and hopes and reflected their opinions on a wide range of topics. Teachers spoke to children to remind them that, whoever you are, wherever in the world you are, your voice matters, and reinforced that we all have a right to express our thoughts and feelings. The children were asked to think about what matters to them on a daily basis and on a local and wider world basis and they created posters, drawings, collages and Y6 children produced fantastic speeches about all the things that mattered to them.

Nursery and Reception classes made collage self portraits and lovely picture frames, Y1 classes took photos of themselves and made a collage frame that represented things they liked, Y2 made sculpture of themselves out of clay, Y3 made Superhero comics and sculptures of themselves as superheroes, Y4 took photographs of each child and made a sign with their message/what’s important to them in a box/cube that they also made, Y5 designed a t-shirt and used lino printing and other media to decorate and Y6 drew self-portrait and took photographs and discussed deas to help with their speeches that were recorded and performed live on the night. A huge 'thank you' to Chris Kelham (parent of Ollie in Y2) who worked with all 3 Y6 classes and supported and prepared them for the speeches. I think you will agree that all of the children who spoke on the night were brilliant! Every child in the school produced something for the art display, so it was a truly inclusive event.  Both parent and pupil feedback was so very positive.  A massive well done and thank you to all the staff and of course to the very talented children, and to Jess and Debi for having the vision and idea to make it happen in the first place!  Also, the kitchen team produced some delicious food that was on sale and was enjoyed by many parents and children – thank you.  The whole evening was a lovely community event and is always one of my favourite nights of the year!

Reception children visited Woodberry Wetlands this week as part of their topic work and took part in pond-dipping and minibeasts exploration.  The children had a great time, even though it was very wet for Shannon Class, and they found lots of interesting minibeasts. I also loved looking at all the brilliant homework minibeast models - they look great!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to Fitz Roy sharing assembly today -well done to all the children! A BIG well done to all the Y4, Y5 and Y6 cyclists who braved the torrential rain and wind yesterday to take part in the Mountain Bike racing at Mabley Green. This was the 5th cycle event of the season and the children did so well despite the conditions and the points collected keeps Millfields at the top of the league by about 150 points! Thanks to Dudley for organising the riders and to bettina for her help. Also in other sports news, the boys  5-aside football team contested the title in a final against St Scholastica's last night! They played so well and made us all very proud but were ultimately pipped at the post, but a evry well-deserved second place! Thanks to Izaac for all his organisation and enthusiasm!

A reminder, that the following week is World Book Day on Thursday 7th March -save the date in your diary. World Book Day 2024 will celebrate that children are more likely to enjoy reading when their choices are championed and we make reading fun. As well as dressing up as a character from your favourite book, ( Please do not go out and spend money on new costumes - re-use and upcycle!), we are asking you to design and make a 'A book in a Jar'. Prizes will be going to children from each Key Stage with the best jar! Classes will also be visiting pages Book Shop, we will invite parents to read to classes and also invite you to a Reading Breakfast. Look out for more information in the Mag and via email over the next week.

Finally, please make sure that we have 2 or more contact numbers for your child -this is a safeguarding issue. Please email info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk with any additional numbers/contacts or number updates.

Have a good weekend –wrap up warm as it is turning colder again!

Take care and stay well. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 09 Feb 2024


What a week!

Firstly a big 'thank you' to the whole Millfields community for your support and encouragement, as always, but over the 2 days of the Ofsted Inspection.

Thank you to all the parents who completed the questionnaire, and a HUGE 'thank you'' to all the brilliant staff who worked above and beyond to make sure that we showed Millfields in its very best light.

Thank you also to all the governors who were so supportive and encouraging throughout.  But the BIGGEST THANK YOU is to all the amazing children that we have at Millfields -they were fantastic and made us all very proud! The focus observations in classes were Reading and phonics, Maths and History, as well as looking at Art, Spanish and Music provision. And they looked at school attendance, behaviour, safeguarding and well-being. As you may know, the results of the Ofsted Inspection cannot be shared until the official report has been released, which may be up to 30 days from now, but as soon as we have it, we will share it with you.

Meanwhile, there have been lots of very creative and imaginative art activities happening this week at Millfields as it is 'Creative Week' that we have linked this year to Children's Mental Health Day, that is in fact today. All classes started the week theme -'My voice matters'. Teachers spoke to children to remind them that 'Whoever you are, wherever in the world you are, your voice matters', and reinforced  that 'We all have a right to express our thoughts and feelings.' The children were asked to think about what matters to them on a daily basis and on a local and wider world basis and they created a drawing or collage about all the things that mattered to them. T

his work then culminated in a variety of creative and artistic forms, different in each year group that will be displayed at our  'Creative Week Exhibition' that takes place on Wednesday 21st February from 4pm-7pm. This is an opportunity for you to see your child and the class work. There will be more details about this and how to book tickets etc at the beginning of the first week back, but save the date! Entry is by ticket only in 15 minute time slots so that you are able to have the time and space to appreciate and immerse yourself in the installation. Thank you to Jess, our Art Lead‘ and Debi, our Mental Health Lead for planning and pre- paring the whole week, and the upcoming exhibition.

It was also International E-safety day on Tuesday 6th February, and all classes completed work on staying safe online and the positives and negatives of the internet, social media and more. Please talk to your child about staying safe online, how to keep an online identity private, and to be aware of any- thing they say or post as this becomes part of their digital footprint.

On the sporting front, both the cross country team and the girls football team have been in action. Well done again to Millfields runners. Girls 1 and 2 for Evie and Marley, and good top 10 finishes for Axl, Oliver and Iris. But well done to all of our runners, they were all great! Well done also to the girl's football team who have cemented their place in the Hackney finals that will take place after half term! 2 wins and a draw made them top of the group and therefore secured a spot in the Hackney borough finals.Thanks to Izaac and Dudley for their support with both these events. Thank you als to Chris and Izaac who took a group of keen basketball and netball players to watch the London Lions basketball team at the Copperbox last weekend! The children really enjoyed the experience and are even more keen to take part in competitions soon!!

Unbelievably, we are  at the end of another busy half term, and half way through the academic year! I hope you all have a lovely half term break, and enjoy some rest and relaxation with family and friends.We look forward to seeing you all early and on time on Monday 19th February.
Finally, Happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Dragon be filled with confidence and courage for you all. Wishing you all prosperity and joy.

Take care, keep well and stay safe! Best Wishes, Jane


Inspection of Millfields Community School by Ofsted

Tue 06 Feb 2024



Millfields Community School will be inspected on 07 February 2024 and 08 February 2024. The Lead Inspector will be Guy Forbat, HMI.


Your views about the school are important to us.

If you are a registered parent or carer of a pupil at the school (including pupils on sick leave or who are temporarily excluded), you can tell us your views about the school by completing Ofsted's online survey, Ofsted Parent View, at: https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk.

Many thanks,




Congratulations, Jane!

Fri 02 Feb 2024



Message from Headteacher

Fri 02 Feb 2024


I cannot believe that we are at the end of another busy week, and as always there has been lots going on in and out of the classroom. Firstly, 'thank you' to all the parents and carers who baked, bought and sold cakes last Friday forthe whole school cake sale to raise money for charities supporting children caught up in theIsrael/Palestine conflict. We made almost £400 from sales and other donations - thank you as always for your generous donations! If you would like to make any further donations, please hand in to the main office.

Also, thank you to the parents who came to the Early Language Development information sessionon Monday - I think it was a useful session for those who came!

Thank you to the wonderful children in Mersey Class who shared their learning with lots of parents and carers today in their first Sharing Assembly. They have been learning about space, and have been learning about all the planets, the moon, stars and the sun, as well as making collages, painting and drawing rockets, martians and lots more. Thank you to all the parents who came to support their child/ren.

Thank you also to both Yukon and Orinoco classes in Y6 who both shared their learning so far this term in their class Sharing Assemblies. They shared their work on the Victorians, and revealed lots of interesting facts about school then, compared to now, as well as what it was like for children in Victorian times. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along.

Additionally this week, we have had a 2 day visit from Felicity Robinson, from Landscapes Naturally who has brought a proposed plan for our exciting playground development project. She met with Assistant Head - Vicky, me, Darren, some of the PSA and most importantly the child-led Playground Working Party who spent the afternoon with Vicky and Felicity designing the first phase of the project, a green quiet space in the back playground. They had some great ideas and we have already moved benches, introduced new planters and a few temporary playground markings to start off with. Already, this has meant that there is a space where children can chat, draw and just relax without the noise and busyness of the other children running around. We will share some of the initial designs and all new developments as they happen in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you to all the parents who have brought in plants for the classrooms and other areas of the school - very much appreciated, please keep them coming! We are also looking for any outdoorplants/shrubs for our new quiet spaces in the playground and/or any large planters that you might have that need a new home! Thank you as always for your support.

A big 'well done' to all the cross-country runners this week! Again, we had the first girl home, and all the other runners had respectable top finishing times. Special congratulations to Marley! Next week, there are lots of sporting events including cycling, girls football play-offs and the final cross country meet! Look out for news in next week's Mag!

Finally, we are all very excited for next week as it is 'Creative week'. The theme this year is 'My Voice Matters'. We will be letting children know that 'whoever you are, wherever in the world you are, your voice matters, and exploring once you’ve found your voice, what positive change can you make with it. The children will then produce pieces of artwork based on this throughout the week. For those
who are new to Millfields this year, all of the work produced during this week - something from every child, will form an exhibition that parents are invited to visit. Our Art Exhibition will be ready for you all to see on Wednesday 22nd February from 4pm-7pm - save the date and look out for more information via email, text about how to book a ticket for the sell-out event!

Have a lovely weekend. Take care and stay well everyone. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from Headteacher

Fri 26 Jan 2024


We have had another wonderful week of learning, and supporting & giving as the Millfields community.  There have been so many exciting lessons and learning happening across the school.

The Nursery children have made kites and luckily we have had lots of wind this week, so they really enjoyed trying them out in the big playground earlier this week. Reception classes have been learning about space, and have been reading books, painting and drawing -learning about planets, rockets, martians and lots more.  Shannon Class shared their learning in a lovely first ever Sharing Assembly this morning.  Thank you to all the parents who came, and for your support in getting the children ready. It was amazing to see and hear all the children confidently sharing what they have learnt with other EYES children and their parents.

As part of our moderation work for writing, the teachers spent time after school reading all the Y1 extended writing pieces.  There were some great examples of adjectives, capital letters, exclamation marks and full stops in some very imaginative stories. In Y2, classes have been learning about Judaism and Hanukkah celebrations. Year 3 have been making clay heads as part of their art work, and in Science, Y4 have been learning to recognise that vibrations from a sound travel through a medium to the ear. In Geography, Year 5 classes have been learning more about the UK, especially about human and physical geography, and the use of land and how this has changed over time. And Y5 Acatenango Class shared their learning about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings from last term -they performed and retold stories really well. Again, thank you to all the parents and carers who attended.

Thank you also to the parents who attended the Y4 Multiplication Tables Parent Information session yesterday. We hope you found it useful and that it will help you support your child to get ready for the tests that take place in June. Please look out for the powerpoint and other information via email for those who could not make it to the session. Thanks to Emma for organising.

Well done to our Y5 and Y6 cricket team who played in the borough stage of the William Greaves Trophy (the London-wide Kwik cricket competition for primary schools). They won all their games -beating Simon Marks, Berger, Grasmere and Daubeney to become borough champions. As a result, they will have the opportunity to play at the MCC Cricket Academy Indoor Centre at Lords in February, when they will represent Hackney Borough in the East London Semi Finals stage of the tournament. Congratulations and well done to the whole squad, and thank you to Izaac for organising!

Vicky met with our Eco-Champions this week, and I would like to remind you that they are very keen for you all to get involved in the National Birdwatch.  The Big Garden Birdwatch is for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or a twitching expert.  Simply count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour between 26th and 28th January 2024.  More information here: http://rspb.org.uk/birdwatch

It is nearly that time of the year for Millfields  'Creative  Week'.  This is happening from Monday 5th -Friday 19th February when the children will all be immersed in this year's creative project that combines creativity with mental health. The theme this year is 'My Voice Matters'. We will be letting children know that 'whoever you are, wherever in the world you are, your voice matters. and exploring once you’ve found your voice, what positive change can you make with it? The children will then produce pieces of artwork based on this throughout the week. For those who are new to Millfields this year, all of the work produced during this week - something from every child, will form an exhibition that parents are invited to visit. This will take place after half term on Wednesday 21st February, from 4pm-7pm, so save the date

Finally, thank you to everyone who has brought food or given cash donations for Millfields Food Stall.  As you can imagine there are more and more families that need support, and this weekly shop really helps them!

There is also a Coffee Morning on Early development with Speech and Language service,  for all EYFS parents on Monday 29th January from 9am-10am - all welcome!

Have a good weekend.  Stay well and take care. Jane