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Fri 22 May 2015


It has been another exciting week at Millfields, with brilliant science and design learning opportunities for the children and adults, a showcase of musical talent, visits from parents and grandparents, a delegation of Dutch education professionals and ‘Always Good’ treats!

Science and DT Week has been a great opportunity for all of the children to learn about lots of science topics in an exciting and engaging way! The theme of the week in class was around ‘water awareness’. And each class was presented with a problem to solve that involved creating water pumps in Y6, flood proof house models in Y5, a water harvester in Y4, floating gardens in Y3, boats in Y2 and the transportation of water in Reception and Nursery. The children have really run with their ideas and had a good time designing, creating and testing their finished products. Yesterday we also had the first Pupil Pipeline at Millfields –water was transported via bucket all the way around the school. This was an activity to highlight issues of clean water and water transportation in developing countries  and to make the us all more aware of how lucky we are to have running water on tap whenever we need it.

In addition, we have been lucky to have hosted the Cambridge Pop-Up Science Lab in the top hall all week! The children have aha d great time experimenting and investigating a range of science topics. One pupil said, ‘it is like having the whole Science Museum in our school –it is fun!’ Yesterday, after school, the exhibits were open to parents and the community to try –thank you to everyone who visited, and hope you enjoyed the experience too. There have also been amazing science demonstrations from the Science Boffins, and I think the highlight of the week for most of the children (and adults) has been making rockets and seeing them fired in to the air from the playground –some even landed on the roof!  This afternoon, there was a family learning project competition –the winners will be given a great prize and will be celebrated ij the Mag after half-term.

A huge thank you to Alex and Kingsley for organising the whole week, and to Eliza for her contact at Cambridge Science Centre!

This week, we have also celebrated the huge musical ability and talent that we have at Millfields. Sheffield Class did an amazing singing performance as part of the Hackney Schools Apollo Project –well done to Alison and her class! You were definitely the best!! And on Wednesday evening, we were treated to a fantastic  musical gala by more than 15o pupils from Years 1-6. The combined Ks1 and Ks1 choir sang beautifully as always, there were  trumpets, trombones, guitars, violins and keyboards –soloists and groups. This year we are also developing ‘rock groups’ who performed and were amazing! Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to Roz, Tom, Lawrence, Pete and Rose.

Finally, everyone –staff and children looked great today as everyone dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up! All proceeds to ‘Save the Children’ -thank you!

Have a good half term break with family and friends. Best Wishes, Jane



Headteacher Surgery

Fri 15 May 2015


What a fantastic turnout and great day for all the runners who took part in the Run Hackney Schools Challenge last Sunday! Well done to everyone who took part and completed the race –you have quite rightly been showing off your medals all week ! I am sorry that I could not be there to cheer you on, but I was with you in spirit! Congratulations  also, to Louis Reynolds in Y2, who won second prize in the competition to create a slogan for the run.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Parents’ Forum on Assessment on Tuesday evening. It was a great turn out and I think that those who attended found it useful, and gave some idea as to what will be happening with assessment both nationally and at Millfields. The main changes that you as parents will see is that there will be not levels (unless your child is in Y2 or Y6) given at Parents’ Evening, as we are only required to report on whether your child is working below, at or above age-expectations. The Annual Report format already indicates this, so nothing will change dramatically in terms of what will be written in the end of year report. The important thing to note is that the National Curriculum expectations, from September 2014, are now much higher, and you will be able to see progress in the children’s books and a statement on their progress this year on the reports. We will of course, continue to keep you up to date, and will hold another forum in the autumn term. If you missed the event and would like a copy of the notes from the main presentation, they can be collected from the main reception.

It seems like it has been a very long week, as I have overseen the Y6 pupils taking their end of year SATS tests. The children have worked so hard all year, and it was a relief to them at the end of yesterday that the tests were all over! I know that they all tried their best, so hope they will have done well. Thank you to Damian, Chair of Governors who came in to invigilate one of the Maths tests, as part of his role within the school.

Finally on the sporting front, we did well again yesterday in the Hackney Cycling League Boy’s event at Mabley Green. Full results will be on the website soon. Congratulations to Conrad, Reuben, Joey, Robin, Elliot, Lorenzo and Maty. And today, pupils from Years 3 and 4 took part in the Hackney inter-school tennis competition –we will not have the results until later, but am sure they will have enjoyed the experience and will have made us proud!

Next week is Science and DT Week at Millfields, and we are really looking forward to a fun-filled learning experience, especially as we have been lucky enough to be asked to host a flag-ship event for the Cambridge Science Centre. There will be a science pop-up, hands on exhibit (in our hall) for children to explore as well as a workshop and science presentations, as well as an after-school parents and community event on Thursday 21st May.

Finally, a reminder that if your child plays an instrument, or is in the school choir, there is a Music Concert at St James’ Church next Wednesday 20th May at 6.30pm. See you there.

Have a good weekend….half term is nearly upon us! Best Wishes, Jane




Message from the Headteacher

Fri 08 May 2015


Although it has been a short week, we have been very busy as usual. This week the dedicated Hackney Challenge runners completed their 12th pre-race mile ahead of Sunday’s Run Hackney School’s Challenge Run. We have the largest school group of runners in the competition, and we are looking forward to seeing them complete the final mile with the hundreds of other runners on Sunday. The race will be started by local Team GB athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton. Good luck to all the runners, and hope the rain stays away!

Also this week, the teachers have been observed in class learning Maths. The Leadership Team have been looking at the planning, assessment and learning of Maths through real life examples and experiences. We have seen children in Reception learning about the time, Year 3 children have been doubling and halving 3 and 4 digit numbers and Y5 children have been learning how to find a percentage of a number. The expectation and standard of Maths learning has been raised due to the new Maths curriculum, and the staff and children are all rising to the challenge!

If you would like to find out more about the new assessment introduced by the government this year, which will be statutory from September 2015, please come along to the Parents’ Forum on Tuesday 12th May at 6.30pm in the bottom hall. The Leadership Team, governors and Subject Leaders will all be on hand to present on the changes and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you there.

As you know we are continuing to try to raise money for the re-development of parts of the playground, and lots of the PSA and staff are writing bids and entering Millfields in to competitions etc. to try to get money for the exciting new phase –the KS1 playground design that was put together by pupils and ‘Made from Scratch’. Please can you take 2 seconds to vote for Millfields School so we can get some money to improve our playground. The children themselves have thrown themselves into design and fundraising for the playground but now they need help! We really need you to vote for us ASAP on this link:


Please SHARE the link with as many people as possible to make sure we are in with a chance!

I hope you will have read the letter about Science and DT Week that is beginning on 18th May, please if you have any containers that we can use during the week, we would be very grateful. Don’t put your empty milk bottles or cartons in the re-cycling, wash them out, and bring them to the main Reception area from Monday next week.

Also, the Book Fair starts next Thursday, please look out for the brochure and help us to buy more books for the school library. We get at least 50% commission so please support us!

Finally, thank you again for all your generous donations for the Unicef Nepal Disaster Fund –over £825 now!

I hope you have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 01 May 2015


What an amazing week it has been at Millfields! Democracy Week has certainly captured the imagination, enthusiasm and excitement of all the children, staff and many of the parents!

The week started with all the children learning about the origins of democracy in Ancient Greece,  as well as being made aware of the right to vote and the fight for voting rights for all in this country and across the world. All of the children were allocate da party, and then each class elected a ‘member of class’ for each party/. Those MCs then met as a whole group with the brilliant party advisors –Roz Wilson, Heidi Caccioppoli,  Dez Veares (governor),  Joe Walker (parent and governor) and Alex Cruse to get down to the business off voting for a party leader and deputy. The week continued with the parties writing their pledges –one school, one local and one global issue, that all of the party members embraced. The school was then awash with campaign posters, chanting children, political debate and election fever! Yesterday, the whole school then went to the Round Chapel to witness a very professional hustings by each of the party leaders. There was much cheering and debate as to who was the best, who would win and who would be voted the first prime minister of Millfields. In the afternoon, the children all voted using a voting slip in voting booths. The votes were counted and verified last night, and it was extremely close. In fact if this had been the general election, there would definitely need to be a coalition!

And finally this morning, the first prime minister of Millfields was announced! Congratulations and a huge well done to the five part leaders:

Ruby Andrews (Y6) –‘Give More, Get More’/blue circles party

Emmanuel Akam (Y6) –‘Purple Power’/purple pentagons party

Harris Scott-Fenton (Y6) –’MTP Litters Busters’/orange triangles party

Cem Owens (Y6) ‘Millfields Mania’/green stars party

Joshua Pilling (Y5) –‘Red Justice’/red squares party.

And the winner is…………..Cem Owens (Millfields Mania). Congratulations and I look forward to working with Cem in the coming weeks!

In addition to the Mag this week, you will be receiving a copy of the ‘Millfields Daily’ –the democracy week pupil newspaper. The very able and talented journalists, Lulu Dent, Scarlett Mendick, Grace Foley, Anousha Horgan and Joey Tristram have been amazing reporters during the events this week, and have produced some fantastic work –look on the website to see all four editions of the paper, and find out all the election news!

I am extremely proud to announce that the Creative Week art piece 'Sky Wall' won the runner up prize in the Saatchi Deutsche Bank Art in Schools Competition!  The school won £6000 towards further developing art at Millfields, as well as the honour of being named runner up! There were more than 20,000 entries from more than 33 countries world wide, and the amazingly talented children in Reception and Nursery, along with the expert guidance and inspiration, from parent, Laura Quick and the original ideas for Creative Week by Rebecca Weil -Art Lead, won the runner up prize in this prestigious competition. It is on display until next Friday at the Saatchi Gallery, so get there this weekend if you can!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Best Wishes, Jane






Runner Up prize for Millfields in Saatchi Art in Schools Award!

Wed 29 Apr 2015


I am extremely proud to announce that the EYFS (Nursery and Reception) 'Creative Week' art piece 'Sky Wall' won the runner up prize in the Saatchi Deutsche Bank Art in Schools Competition!

The school won £6000 towards further developing art at Millfields, as well as having the honour of being named runner up!

There were more than 20,000 entries from more than 33 countries world-wide, and the amazingly talented children in Reception and Nursery, along with the expert guidance and inspiration, from parent, Laura Quick and the original ideas for 'Creative Week' by Rebecca Weil -Art Lead at Millfields, won the runner up prize in this prestigious competition.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and governors who attended the awards event last night, and helped us celebrate this great achievement.

The 20 finalists' work will be on display in the Saatchi Gallery until 8th May, so if you are at a loose end this Bank Holiday weekend, please go down to the Saatchi Gallery and have a look!

Many thanks again to everyone involved.



Message from the headteacher

Fri 24 Apr 2015


Yesterday we celebrated ‘St George’s Day’ in style! We had a special visit from a traditional Pearly King and Queen, and our very own pupils, Ruby and Harris Scott-Fenton dressed in the traditional clothes as we found out that they are a Pearly Prince and Princess! They showed pupils and parents lots of photos and visited classrooms and the staffroom to answer questions and talk about their experiences. Thank you to them all for helping us mark the national day in style. The children learnt some cockney rhyming slang, and then we had traditional bangers & mash followed by Victoria sponge cake for lunch. It was delicious!

This week, our theme has been to focus on ‘Speaking and Listening’. We have all really enjoyed having lots of opportunities to celebrate brilliant speeches and recitals, listen to some amazing stories, learn about words and their importance, as well as find out first hand, more about how many jobs including lawyers and politicians, need the power of speech to do their jobs well. Thank you to all our visitors who came in this week to support us.

Earlier this week, we visited each class to hear the entrants for the poetry final, and we had some tough decisions to make! Congratulations to the class winners who were chosen for good presentation, intonation, expression and animation -they all received a certificate. The Poetry Finals took place yesterday, and were judged by a very prestigious panel that included our friend and governor, Gordon Murray, Lawyer and Reading Volunteer, Nick Greenslade and actress Juliet Stevenson. The standard of self-written poems and the recital of all the poems from Reception to Y6 was very high, and the judges had a very difficult job. Eventually they chose 2/3 winners from each age-phase. Well done to Alfred Higgins, Delaney, Perkins-Davies, Harris Mc Grandle, Hassan Hanif, India Bottici, Sacha Jordaan, Joe Bagshaw-Larue, Samantha Aboagye, Lilah-Pearl Forde, Aliyah Eyene-Leger and Georgie Edwards.

‘Democracy Week’ is next week at Millfields. As mentioned last week, we will be talking about the current national build-up to the General Election, and will be creating our own political parties with elected representatives. The children will be looking at news items, talking about the origins of democracy in Ancient Greece, looking at local politics, making rosettes and banners, attending a hustings at the Round Chapel, and having the opportunity to vote and elect our own School Prime Minister! If you think that you could help or support in any way, and we are particularly looking for journalists or anyone in media who could help by supporting our in-school reporters or giving us airtime or news space somewhere local or even national! Please contact Jane, Roz or Lloyd  by email at info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk

We have also had some great sporting success this week. Well done to the Y6 Football Team who played really well yesterday but unfortunately, lost out going through to the next round as they narrowly lost their last match. And congratulations to our swimmers –Khadeejah, Joseph, Chico, Lilah, Inacio, Anoushka and Ruby who won 5 medals between them!

Have a good weekend.
Best Wishes, Jane


Message from the Headteacher

Fri 17 Apr 2015


Welcome back to everyone, and hope you all had a good break. Some of the children looked like they have grown and certainly everyone looked rested and ready for the excitement of all this term’s learning opportunities. I have really enjoyed hearing about all the different trips, holidays  and activities that the children took part in over the break.

This week we have already had a successful sporting event. A new tournament in Hackney for Y3 footballers took place on Wednesday, and our newly formed team did really well coming second in their group! Sharon and Dwayne said that they were really impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the boys involved, so well done!

Today we have had a visit from the Dentist who was with Reception children, checking teeth and talking about how to look after their teeth.

The PSA also met this morning and have agreed the Summer Fair date has been agreed as Saturday 4th July. The theme is going to be ‘Carnival’, so start thinking about your costume now as there will be lots of prizes! The PSA will be sending out a newsletter very soon and will, as ever, be asking for help and support before, after and during the event. Please email one of the Co-Chairs, Ann-Marie  ammarie@hotmail.co.uk or Paula polly0309@gmail.com if you have any time, enthusiasm or both to spare!

We also have lots of exciting events and theme weeks and days coming up this term. Next Week is ‘Speaking and Listening Week’ that will culminate in the Poetry Recital Final on Thursday. Please encourage your child to learn and practise performing a poem over the weekend as a winner from each class will go through to the final. Also, if there are any parents who are willing and able to read or tell stories to their child’s class that week, especially stories or traditional tales from other cultures and countries, please contact info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk The following week is ‘Democracy Week’ (27th April -1st May) at Millfields. We will be talking about the current national build-up to the General Election, and will be creating our own political parties with elected representatives. As part of the week, the children will be looking at news items, talking about the origins of democracy in Ancient Greece, looking at local politics, making rosettes and banners, attending a hustings at the Round Chapel, and having the opportunity to vote and elect our own School Prime Minister! If you think that you could help or support in any way, please contact Jane, Roz or Lloyd or again email us info@millfields.hackney.sch.uk

The class photo proofs arrived and were given out to classes this week. We think they look great, hope you do too! Orders need to be returned to Heidi at the main office by 28th April.

As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure that your child is still wearing school uniform and that they wear sensible shoes/sandals, not flip flops, and a hat if necessary. There is plenty of water available at all times in class and in the playground for children.

Have a good weekend. Best Wishes, Jane