Hackney Teaching and Schools' Alliance


The Hackney Teaching and Schools' Alliance is a supportive partnership of primary, secondary and specialist schools, each with a proven track record of successful improvement.

Our alliance is steered by an executive board comprised of four schools, two of which are national teaching schools; Clapton Girls’ Academy and Kingsmead Primary school. Along with Stormont House (National Support School) and Millfields Community School, we work to improve the quality of teaching and leadership through effective collaboration and personalised support.

For more information, please see the Hackney Teaching and Schools’ Alliance website.


Re-engagement Unit


The Re-engagement Unit (REU) is a service that supports and advises children, families and schools. The aim of the service is to enable all children to be happy and to achieve well in school. The Headteacher is a founding member of the Steering Group that meets half termly to discuss and review cases and celebarte success, as well as plan for the futire for all the children and families they support.

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Empathy Animals


We are proud to partner with Empathy Animals, a fantastic organisation whose mission is to promote, encourage and develop empathy, well-being and communication skills in children through therapy-trained animals.

Empathy Animals will be developing their programme with Millfields and in the Autumn term, they will be carrying out research and impact studies and publishing their findings to further this worthwhile form of teaching.

For more information, or if you would like to volunteer your dog, please email

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