Forever Curious


Over the last few years, pupils from Millfields have worked with W+K London to inspire and develop curiosity and creativity in young people. The aim was to create a inspirational partnership between W+K staff and the children that had impact on both parties and challenged their understanding of creativity.


A fantastic example of the ideas being generated include a recent project designed to explore what our pupils' “creative spark” looked like. The children and their adult 'buddies' talked about a creative spark being the magic moment when creativity strikes, when you are totally engaged with what you’re are doing, and body and mind are fizzing with energy!

The children brought this to life in three different ways: what their creative spark world would look like, what their flag would be to represent that world and the fashion that would be worn by its inhabitants.

The challenges produced some fantastic work, displayed proudly in the Hanbury Hall exhibition. Big thanks to organiser Jodie Cariss and the W+K buddies. For more information on the Forever Curious project, please click here