School Day

Our school day is organised to provide maximum time for learning across a balanced curriculum.

The school day begins at 8:50am; children can arrive and go to class from 8.45am, or children may arrive from 7.30am for Breakfast Club, and take part in early morning activities. The daily cost for Breakfast Club is £2.00.

Each day starts promptly to maximise learning, so being on time is paramount.

The children all have a 15 minute morning break, and have one hour at lunchtime to play and to eat their meal.

Play time and lunchtime staff are trained to support children’s play.  There are a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, such as skipping, imaginative play, reading, drawing and various sports.

During lesson time, some subjects such as Maths, Science, PE  and English (Reading, Writing, spelling and grammar, and handwriting are taught separately.  Other subjects (Geography, History, Art, Design Technology and Computing) may be taught separately or taught during Topic sessions.

The school day finishes at 3.30pm on Monday - Thursday, and at 2.15pm every Friday. There are a wide range of extended day activities that continue until 6pm (5pm on Fridays).

Please see the letter below explaining the new school hours.

Changes to the school day from September 2018

Below are some examples showing typical weekly timetables.

Yr 1-3

Yr 4-6

Extended Day example timetable