Autistic Resource Provision

At Millfields Community School we are proud of our Autism Resourced Provision for 10 children with an ASD, which enables our pupils to be part of a thriving school community while receiving specialist support. Each child is on roll in a mainstream class and spends time there according to their abilities and needs. Wherever possible, the children will join their class for lessons and activities and are included in class trips and other projects. Our aim in the ARP is to create a calm, happy and structured environment in which the children feel secure and can develop their skills. We recognise that autism is a lifelong condition and that the children will face different challenges during their time with us, which we will help them address. 

As well as developing their academic skills, our major focus is teaching communication and social skills in context, developing their emotional understanding, helping them deal with stressful situations and enabling them to understand and function in the world we live in to the best of their abilities and as independently as possible.

We have 10 staff including Manager, specialist teacher, and 8 Learning Support Assistants, plus 3 Lunchtime Supervisors. We have 2 days SLT per week. Our staff are highly skilled and extremely committed to the children and to the work. We recognise the importance of working closely as a team to ensure a good atmosphere and of consistency in dealing with some behaviours which may be challenging. 

No single approach or method is used in the base: we use a variety of teaching approaches and methods, depending on the needs of the child.  These include the SCERTS framework, aspects of TEACCH , PECS, Intensive Interaction, and Social Stories. We have regular meetings to discuss consistency in approach, strategies, and effective ways to communicate with the children.

The ARP has a broad curriculum including literacy and numeracy, life skills, individual work on IEP targets, fine and gross motor skills, communication and social skills, art, sensory play, cooking, PE, gardening, swimming,  and riding in the summer term, Peers from class are invited to the base to play, to take part in groups, and to join in activities with the children. They have a very important role in modelling appropriate interaction and behaviour. Individual programmes are planned based on up to date and ongoing assessment.

We recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents. We liaise closely with families via phone, meetings, email and daily home school books.  Parents are welcome to visit and phone. We also provide respite when we go away each year on a residential trip for 5 days. Some of our pupils walk to school with their parents, others come on the school bus.

Inside the Provision we have a main room with computers, kitchen and art areas, tables for groups, sand and water trays, multi-sensory room and a soft play room, which encourages our children to play, relax and communicate, and a quiet non-stimulating room to calm down or work quietly.

We are happy to say that our pupils love school, and often want to come during the school holidays!

Jane Thomas
Manager Millfields ARP