What parents say the school does well

Parent feedback from Questionnaire Summer 2023

What does your child enjoy at school?

Maths, Problem Solving.

The trips

Social aspect lovely teachers’ lovely community feel

After school club, trips and their teacher

Playing and reading

Loves choir

Visitors who come to assembly to inspire them


Maths, music lessons, swimming and PE

Football, Music and Maths

Performing in assembly and choir

Literacy, creative writing, mathematics

Additional responsibilities e.g. being an Eco Champ or rep on school council

Enjoy variety of trips and the non-standard school days e.g. no pens day, work week, sports week, non-uniform

Enjoy social factor, interplay with adults and children.  Impressing their adored teachers and TAs

Going to Jane's offce and showing their work

Maths, Art, History, Music,

Everything really

Projects as a team player

Dance and cookery after-school clubs


Art and Literacy

Sports, Maths, Clubs and Science


Football and writing

Music, PE, swimming, literacy and Maths, actually pretty much anything that involvers learning


Cycling Club

Extra curriculum activities

Sports competitions

Library, Music and Science

Reading groups

Democracy Week activities

Creative week and exhibition

My son enjoys spending time with his friends


What are the things that the school does well?

Creates a community

Instils excellent behaviour pupils and encourages mutually respectful relationships

between adults and children (using first names)

Wide range of additional activities and experiences

Music provision and concerts

Teaching, Sports and other activities

Support for community, behaviour, lovely Head Mistress leads well

Teachers always willing to talk and support the kids

Inclusive -promotes community and diversity

Encourages enjoyment of learning

Making every child feel like an individual

Make children feel safe, listens to parents concerns and help children develop and learn

Extra-Curricular, PSA events and special themed initiatives e.g. Democracy Week

Recruitment of good teachers who are passionate

It really engages and excites the children.  It gives them a broad cultural education

and works hard to bring in external groups and educators

Making learning exciting – variation

Diversity and inclusivity, school trips amazing.  School council, Democracy Week, Pastoral care/anti-bullying.

The school offers a wide range of opportunities for the children in sports and music

Music, Spanish and Art

Overall teaching and behaviour of teachers very professional and helpful

Making everyone feel part of the Millfields family, celebrating diversity

External engagement and community

After School activities, school trips and sports

I feel the school is very inclusive and engages the children in fantastic range of activities to support their learning.

Know each child as an individual.  Respectful and playful relationship between adults and children.

Open and transparent -nviting parents to observe lessons.

Very rewarding, a variety of sports and after school clubs offered.

Imaginative and creative in their delivery of curriculum.



Information, meeting teachers if needed and learning

Breakfast Club

Information and feedback to parents

Creative and achieves balance

Children feel valued


Involving children in school life and listening to them.  Taking genuine care of the children.

Encouraging things that are outside the national curriculum

Being inclusive having a varied curriculum, being strong on values

The school is well lead and managed

Sense of belonging

Parent Engagement

Trips, after school clubs and very inclusive

Communication and meeting children’s needs

Communication, Creativity and Parent involvement

Creates a welcoming and safe atmosphere for the kids

Keep the children engaged in learning and having fun

Fund raising events and activities

Creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Suportive and approachable teachers

I like to be able to speak to the Headteacher


Other comments

We are beyond impressed with Millfields and your wonderful team and are so, so grateful for all that you do. Your community of families and parents love and want to support you as best we can, on our family's side inputting to workshops, buying materials, buying books etc, supporting trips etc. all feel like ways to help and we are delighted to. Thank you!!!!

We're so happy with Millfields, it's a fantastic school. The communication is usually very clear, there's a huge variety of things going on, be it learning weeks (as mentioned above), school trips, non-uniform days, etc. There is always something to get them excited and engaged. I feel as though both of my girls are well supported, happy and are getting a huge amount out of their time at Millfields. And it's such a strong community.

Both boys have loved their time at millfields and we are all sad to move on from the fantastic community that the Millfields team continue to provide! Thank you so much :-))
My daughter has truly had the best years at Millfields. All her teachers have been simply amazing. Completely exceeding our expectations as parents. A very well rounded, balanced , creative, strong & energetic school. Many thanks


My overwhelming impression of the school is that the wellbeing of the pupils and what's in their best interest comes first above all else. Loved the provision of exciting events (singing at the o2 being a highlight!) and learning opportunities, the way any even minor feedback to the head of year was taken seriously, and the real sense that all the staff take an interest and genuinely care about what's going on with the children.

Finally just like to say you are all amazing and I am very proud to have my daughter at such a diverse, nurturing and inspiring school

Excellent teachers and teaching assistants respond to individual's needs. Every child is known by name throughout the school by leaders and most teachers. Excellent array of presentations to parents to inform.

It was wonderful to come into the classroom and to do science experiments with the children. A great experience for the whole family.

The more able children are not stretched as much as perhaps they should be. However personal development support and the sense of belonging fostered is outstanding. We are sad to be leaving the Millfields community - it has been a massive part of our lives and sense of well-being and belonging as a family.


What are the things that we can improve?

Work/play balance.  More engagement on ‘Play’.

Stop the homework – is it optional/voluntary?

Make more use of local outdoor space.

Coding and computers I really think the school needs to employ a specialist to teach this.

Lost property that is named should be handed out every Friday

Timings for workshops only accommodate non-working parents.  We would have been interested in attending

Art – More please

Homework club for all ages

Small classes i.e. less children in each class

More green space activities and forest school days, not just Early Years

One channel of communication -too many!