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How PE is taught at Millfields Community School

At Millfields, we believe regular exercise is a vital component in maintaining the health and wellbeing of all of our pupils.

Children at Millfields receive two hours of taught PE per week. One of the sessions is taught by a specialist sports coach and the other lesson is taught by the class teacher. Each class covers two modules concurrently, with the sports coach teaching one module and the class teacher teaching the other. The lessons follow the ‘Get Set 4 PE’ curriculum which the school has bought into. Below is the curriculum map showing the modules each child will be covering this year:

Included in the curriculum are comprehensive plans for each of the lessons, tailored for each specific year group. The programme was designed by PE teachers, for PE teachers and is a well-thought out, reliable and rigorous programme which uses an online assessment tool to enable us to ensure that all children cover all aspects of the PE curriculum, while also allowing each child’s progress and achievements to be tracked against age-specific standards.

We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children. This is evident in the wide-range of activities and initiatives that we take part in and offer to the whole school community, including being involved in inter-school competitions and local events such as the Hackney Half Marathon, Bike Around the Borough, Hackney Run and East London initiative ‘Beat the Street’.

There are abundant opportunities for pupils across all key stages to represent the school through inter-school and cross borough sporting events. Millfields are part of both the Girls’ and Boys’ Football Leagues, the Hackney Cycling League, the Orienteering League, the Cross Country League, the Cricket League, table tennis, netball tournaments, athletics meetings, hockey games, swimming galas, basketball competitions, tag rugby competitions and Panathlon events for children with SEND. Millfields has gained a formidable reputation in sporting events across the borough, having won the Hackney Cycling League for the last 7 years, placing first in the Hackney Half Marathon for the last 4 years, and also winning the Orienteering League for the last 4 years. Ex Y6 pupils Catrin (Anning class) and Ansel (Turing class), are the best cross country runners in Hackney and came in 1st for Hackney in the London borough Youth Games.

Millfields has an extensive after-school sports and physical activity provision including gymnastics, football for girls, boys and EY children, multi-sports skills, street dance, kick-boxing, ballet, Parkour, cycling and dodgeball.

Our PE team at Millfields Community School

Hi everyone,

My name is Fiona Cusack and I am a KS2 teacher, as well as being the PE lead at Millfields Community School. I have always had a keen interest in Sports from an early age, playing basketball at Secondary school and in later years, being a regular gym-goer. I have an interest in running also, having participated in the Hackney Half Marathon four times to date (once virtually!) I also enjoy watching football and formula 1 and am a dedicated West Ham and Mercedes fan!!!

I love the euphoric feeling you get after exercising. As well as the physical benefits of exercise, it’s importance towards mental health cannot be understated, now more than ever!

We launched our first ever ‘Fitness Fortnight’ at Millfields last July and it was an amazing two weeks for both teachers and students alike. I am excited about continuing its success into next year as well as continuing with the many sport initiatives that we are involved in here at Millfields!


My name is Izaac Bador and in all my eleven years at Millfields, I have enjoyed sharing my love of sports with pupils in a range of activities – from cricket to rugby, from orienteering to hockey, from American football to dodgeball. Many of the children have been excellent performers in their chosen sports (some up to regional and even national level), allowing me the privilege of coaching several successful school teams, including borough champions and Hackney Borough representative teams. Indeed, our current team recently became borough indoor cricket champions, and will now go on to represent Hackney in the London Boroughs tournament at Lords in the new year.

Kea Felix (Sports Coach)

“Hi all. I am a Physical Education Coach from Challenge and Sport Education. CSE has been working in tandem with Millfields since 2020, so that the children of Millfields can enjoy engaging curriculum P.E. lessons on a weekly basis. I have the honour to lead lessons that cover a range of activities and sports.

I take pride in ensuring the P.E lessons are inclusive, fun and cathartic for the students, as I am a big believer that there is a sport or physical activity for everyone.

I also give a helping hand to the PE team where I can for any sporting events  and initiatives that take place at the school, in order for the students of Millfields to showcase their many sporting talents”.



Sharon Williams (Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Year 6)

Hello. As part of Millfields P.E. Team, my job is to organise all outside Primary sporting events in Hackney for our young students at Millfields. In doing this, I liaise with other Sporting Agencies, Schools and Hackney Primary School professionals in supporting our pupils in the many different sporting events that are now taking place in the London Borough of Hackney.

I am proud to have started and coached many of our sports in School from running Arsenal Double Club for over ten years, both girls and boys football, netball, rounders, athletics, swimming gala, tennis, cycling and even dance and trampoline for year two.

We have been very successful in all these sports, winning lots of trophies over the many years I have been here.

It’s been an absolute joy and honour to support and coach all of the children at Millfields and I would not change it for the world.

Fitness Fortnight

For the first time at Millfields, we introduced Fitness Fortnight! Over the last two weeks of the Summer term, both the staff and pupils at Millfields Community School enjoya wide range of fitness activities including morning aerobics, daily mile, cookery lessons, science experiments, workshops, Sports Day and an awards ceremony. The photos below give a snapshot of the activities the entire school participates in, throughout these two weeks!

Here’s what our pupils had to say about PE at Millfields Community School

“I like the way we practice how to balance because it is an important skill”

“I like the ball skills lesson. This is because we explored a new sport”

“I like the ball skills lesson because I learn skills for other ball games”

“I like PE because I learn skills everyday”

“I like the way we do exercise because it helps to grow muscles”

“I like PE because we do not realise that we are learning during sports”

“I like PE because we focused on ball skills such as bouncing and catching”